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Posted in Diary on 18/09/2022 by GeoSolus

They will ignore the truth if the lie brings them comfort.


Posted in Diary on 11/09/2022 by GeoSolus

When a group of people all tell exactly the same story, there is a conspiracy afoot.


Posted in Diary on 29/08/2022 by GeoSolus

Blues is to Jazz, what Punk is to Rock: A necessary cigarette break before getting back to the music.


Posted in Diary on 17/08/2022 by GeoSolus

The incessant misuse and redefining of words has stripped them of meaning.


Posted in Diary on 04/08/2022 by GeoSolus

The ephemeral nature of digital media makes mediums such as books a requirement to maintain uncorrupted records for the future.


Posted in Diary on 03/08/2022 by GeoSolus

When presented with simply two choices to make, I tend to look for a third option.


Posted in Diary with tags on 23/07/2022 by GeoSolus

The curse of the comedian is to bring laughter to people while sinking in to depression after the show. Their reality is solitude.


Posted in Diary on 20/06/2022 by GeoSolus

My art is like patchwork. Like a pair of jeans that have ripped out at the knees through the wear and tear of life that you then patch up. If you do it right then those jeans are stronger than they were new. If you don’t then rips and tears will happen all around the patch.


Posted in Diary on 19/06/2022 by GeoSolus

I grew up around strong women but I did see several of them broken. Their loss of strength made me realise many aspects of life. Especially with retrospect but the one thing I promised myself was that I would become a big strong man and bring justice to this humanity grinding down diamonds to dust. I was a child but I still remember.


Posted in Diary on 10/06/2022 by GeoSolus

If you do not want someone to change their ways then don’t say a word. Just enjoy who they are.