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Get the small things right as what is important has been stolen. It is thus that we repair an empty shell.


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I had to wake up to put out a fire. Take it as a symbol for the destructive nature of belief.


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Redefine but respect the process!


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Always be wary of a nation that marches under eagles.

Four Moons

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GSN 4M Test 01


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“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” Software companies really need to apply this old expression.


Posted in Diary on 24/11/2021 by GeoSolus

Certain aspects of reality are best kept beyond the reaches of imagination.


Posted in Diary on 19/11/2021 by GeoSolus

A thought doesn’t always come to mind in the form of words. It may be a mental image, a sound, a feeling or an emotion. The art is to translate thoughts into a medium that can be understood by others.

Autumn Rain

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“Sometimes it takes over a decade for things to really sink in. I’m sorry but I was too dense and everything in life was getting to me. I really hope everything came together for you and that there is great joy in your life. I shall always be me with my sense of duty and honour but to this day I wish I took your hand when you took mine.”