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Posted in Diary with tags on 04/06/2023 by GeoSolus

I like dreams because they grant a different view when reality kicks back in.


Posted in Diary on 31/05/2023 by GeoSolus

I maintain a dark eye so that the other may rest.


Posted in Diary on 20/05/2023 by GeoSolus

Belief is akin to ignorance.


Posted in Diary on 25/04/2023 by GeoSolus

I can give the spark of life but I respect those who can make it a reality.


Posted in Diary on 06/04/2023 by GeoSolus

I didn’t get scars on my knees from willfully kneeling.


Posted in Diary on 23/03/2023 by GeoSolus

Your smile helps me purge the darkness.


Posted in Diary on 13/03/2023 by GeoSolus

There is an art to everything but not everything is art.


Posted in Diary on 10/03/2023 by GeoSolus

The manipulation of the mundane has brought chaos.


Posted in Diary on 23/02/2023 by GeoSolus

Decadence and hubris have always led to downfall.

My China Doll

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