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Reef Knot

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Blink and you’ll miss it.

It, will always lead the blind.


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Do watering eyes grow the soul?


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“We all have grains of madness mixed in with the sand in the hourglass of our existence.”


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It is important to keep accounts and to hold people accountable for their actions. There are no exceptions to this. The individual has to lead by example and not tolerate the willfully ignorant.


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“To perceive the real within the virtual machine, one must take a step back from the screens in order to view the obvious. For the machine: the screen is a means of projection. The machine itself is a tool in unseen hands.”


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A drug fueled depression forced upon humanity by a handful of psychopaths is now being overshadowed by nuclear spear rattling. I conclude that the word: elite, has never been more misappropriated than in this era.


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They will ignore the truth if the lie brings them comfort.