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Heathen’s Hand

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 17/04/2019 by GeoSolus

I am no son of god
No devil’s spawn
I am a symbol of your world
And all that is wrong
Within your broken cult
A cultural crime
You want what is yours
Yet take what is mine

It is the nature of belief
To refuse the real
To take it all in good faith
But what you have you steal
You are murder, you are pain
An illusion’s fool
Chosen by a doctrine’s way
To be that doctrine’s tool

My nature’s natures way
I have the upper hand
You can keep your fantasies
When nature takes a stand
Strips the flesh from corrupt bones
Foundations of your faith
I shall not pray, nor forgive
When all is laid to waste

Under A Pale Horse

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 24/03/2019 by GeoSolus

Looking back
Walking back
Is not a way
To get ahead

Bye! Gone!
Be gone
Take the way
That once was set

You know the rules
The principles
That always held you fast
Any deviation from the path
Will just start digging up the past

You made too many enemies
And lost too many friends
To let the shallows that surround you
Bring you to your end

So turn around
And break the sound
Of childish
Little cunts

They are the plague
Bringers of rage
The scum
Of all the runts

Disdain is their destiny
Dish it to them cold
With intellect
The retrospect
Will have them bought and sold

Leave them with a silence
That shows what they deserve
As the future of humanity
Is the only thing you serve

Eye Of The Storm

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 13/03/2019 by GeoSolus

This body is a machine
Raw nerves, sinew
Blood and bone
Broken then mended
Until it’s carved out of stone

This mind has you counted
As a friend or as foe
Memories, experience
Calculate the outcome
Then Go, Go, Go

I am the calm
In your chaos

If you are burdened
I will take the weight
A steady hand
A cool eye
You can’t deviate

This mind has you counted
As friend and as foe
Haunted, tormented
Broken by outcomes
You refuse to let go

I am the calm
In your chaos


Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 20/07/2018 by GeoSolus

A monk on a mountain
Detached from everything
Soon to be
Detached from life
Leaving behind
The flesh, the bone
And a word


Relaxed And Apathetic

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 19/07/2018 by GeoSolus

Pop a pill and watch them die
No need to smile, no need to cry
One shot
One stabbed
Another fried
Who gives a shit
They played
They lied
This game has rules
You can’t defy
So be the life
They can’t deny

Just be…


Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 19/07/2018 by GeoSolus

One more dance
A familiar one
To come undone
By our own hands
We know the steps
Our last regrets
Our last confession
Takes the stand

The laws of nature
Brought us here
To confront fear
And brave the world
The great unknown
Still chills the bone
Yet deep in to it
We must be hurled

Back Burner

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 18/07/2018 by GeoSolus

Burn bright
My shooting star
It’s time
To even scores
You were born
In to the fight
It’s time
To fight once more

Count your scars
With cool revenge
In your brain
Sharpened wits
Through your veins

It’s all a game
It’s all a game
Until the hunt
Drives you insane
Just take them down
Bring balance back
And then just
Slowly walk away…

Where To From Here

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 18/07/2018 by GeoSolus

The storm has passed
For now
We managed to survive
After all the ups and downs
Feeling like we drowned
We found each others arms
But how?

The silence that prevails
Is dear
We somehow overcame
The fear
After all the tears and loss
We left behind what once was
Now we wonder where to go
From here

Once Bitten

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 16/07/2018 by GeoSolus

Don’t shy away
From what you are
It’s fundamental
To perception

What we see
Is who you are
And yet that may be
Pure deception

Every word
You vocalize
May be a lie
May beg the question

Are you
Who you think you are
Or are you just
A pale reflexion

Of what was taught
Of what was told
Sponged up
In your infancy

Are you a tool
A simple fool
Denying your will
To be free…

Long Time Gone

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 14/07/2018 by GeoSolus

The Devil smiled
Then poured a drink
She said
Take your time
Take the time to think
For all you know
Is in the air
So let me show you
The dark
The fair
The reason life
Has come to this

You were a long time gone
And you were not missed…