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Focus Test 4

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AP 4 Test 1

The Enigma Quadrant

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The Methods Test 1

Aim to Please, Shoot To Kill

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Enigma Test 1

Going to finish this old peanut off today then put the animation in motion. Each symbol represents a method and this is the accumulation of methods.

I did the primary sketches five years back and have worked on and off on the four symbols since. As I am tying up loose ends it was time to stop tinkering with them and get them finished. You’ll see them pop up here and there on various websites in the future representing: Word, image, sound and video.


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A dream
Maybe more of a premonition
A slow dance of hands
Maybe symbolic
In some distant land

Fingers painting the air
Like pigment to paper
A message
Maybe four words
I have yet to understand

Presented before me
Some mistress of mystery
She makes me disappear
With one stroke of her hand

A Lesson In War

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A king and his general discussed the ways of war in the quiet quarters of a far eastern palace.

The king questioned his general about his ways of making warriors and challenged him to make an army out of 180 courtesans.

The courtesans were lined up and the general ordered them to take a step to the left. They giggled and remained where they stood so he repeated his order and again they giggled without moving.

The king in turn started to laugh until the general took two of the courtesans and severed their heads then repeated his order which was executed without hesitation.

The Mark Of Cult

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Terms Of Agreement

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I’ve been watching so long, I know the patterns of your mind and the movements of your day. You’ve been bought and sold so many times that you could be called a slave to the machine yet you are willingly blind to this. Your every thought funneled and filtered, ranked and valued, then used as a means to chain you to fantasies of the most base nature. You are cheap and disposable and that is what makes you feel special.


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The die was cast before our time when love was traded for domination and the will to power replaced a sense of direction.

The White Devil’s Dozen (First draft)

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1 –

Am I master or am I slave? Could I be the crown of an Empire or will I be reduced to a simple girl of joy controlled by the shadows? Can I carve my own destiny or am I bound by fate?
I have dreams and so many questions yet all I want are answers.

Who is Dax Kando?

2 –

My first question relates to this entity who first appeared in my mind during my most young and tender years. He came from the shadows with a charming smile and a warm embrace. Like a father he held me until I felt something penetrate the very essence of my being.

Who is Dax Kando?

3 –

My first question is looking for reason. Why did he lodge himself in the back of my mind? Why is he with me everywhere I go and why does it feel like he knows my every thought. It feels like he has complete control of me.

Who is Dax Kando?

4 –

My first question wonders what he thinks of me. Do my thoughts disgust him? Is he pleased with who I am? Did he come to me to make me a better person or is he trapped inside my twisted mind?

Who is Dax Kando?

5 –

My first question forces me to look at every aspect of my being. The errors of my ways taunt me because he knows me. Maybe he is me? Maybe he is a part of me that makes me face what I would rather ignore. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Who is Dax Kando?

6 –

My first question makes me ready for change. I have accepted his existence inside of me. I am ready for his guidance. I am at one with him and ready for him to be the answer to my questions.

Who is Dax Kando?

7 –

My first question has hope and desire. I give my will away and hope he will guide me for I desire to be a better person.

Who is Dax Kando?

8 –

My first question reminds me of all those whom I have harmed. Was he one of them back for revenge or was he the one who made me as I am?

Who is Dax Kando?

9 –

My first question nearly puts me on one knee asking for forgiveness but I refrain because I feel the urge to right all the wrongs that I may of caused. I hope that their effects have not put me beyond redemption.

Who is Dax Kando?


My first question makes me question my very being. Is this being inside me a part of me or is he an extension of self? Is this entity a force that needs to change? Or is he the bringer of change?

Who is Dax Kando?

11 –

My first question shatters the foundations of my ego. Am I who I always thought I was? Can I overcome my misgivings? Can I face all of my past actions?

Am I Dax Kando?

12 –

My first question is also my last question. I must stop doubting and be. I must be the one who leads. I must be the one with the answer and help others who have fallen along the path of life. I must be the one who can answer the question:

Who is Dax Kando?

The Talents Of The Worm

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I deal with the shadows that lurk behind the lies of your existence. They give me those elements of truth that you refuse to face and with grace protect me from becoming like you.