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Saving Faces

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Pride, honour and saving face are all rooted in the ego. Out of the three I have conserved a certain sense of honour. Whether it be through my work or certain aspects of my behaviour. Honour is simply a set of rules that you live by and as long as you chose those rules I can go with it.
However being proud of something because you are in some way connected to it is really just a form of narcissism and saving face when scandal comes your way is simply trying to cover up the truth. I chose to detach myself from that way of thinking many years ago as both make us blind to reality in different ways.

So why the title? I hear you think.

Well, at the beginning of the year I picked up a second camera for stills and safety shots when shooting video. I’ve been testing it out in various ways, one of which has been taking people’s portraits to test lighting, depth of field and put an online portfolio together. The portfolio is so I have something to send people who want a gun for hire for events but the portrait testing has sprouted wings and become a little something of it’s own. What was originally supposed to be a dozen portraits has now reached 25 faces and is growing. These faces are from different backgrounds, gender and age and are slowly building a mosaic representing the fibre of Hong Kong’s society. Each person simply comes as they are, takes a seat and I take 10 to 30 shots of them. Some stay for 30 mins, others stay for a couple of hours and once they are gone I save their faces for the record.


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They want to be adored

For what they are not

Caught in an illusion

Distraught by their lack of perfection

A fear of reflection

Simmering in their psyche

So fragile, so distanced, distracted

From who they really are

Yet to understand

That art can capture

Their very essence

And hold that hand

And say


The Divide – Animation Test

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GIF Test 10

Bigger than intended.

The Root

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“Gripping to Mother in order to grow. She is the rock and the foundation of our existence upon whom we can reach for the stars.”

Zhi Jing

The Watcher

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“Take a stroll through the park if you want to catch a shadow. Nature will become a six sense that pin points the watcher so be at ease with the fauna and you will find the man.”

Dax Kando

Sino Knot

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Just throwing ideas around for a cover. I will probably modify the infinity knot to have two hearts intertwined.

Principle And Judgement

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To take a side makes you the enemy. Subjectivity will soon be your point of focus as you search to defend your stand regardless of what it may come to represent. You’ll be part of the gang, a blank face in the mob and oblivious to the fact that you have no voice of your own. Principle is never born from a crowd but comes from the individual who has observed the situation with an open mind. They are the ones who can judge for they have placed understanding before action.