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Puppy eyes
To hide the lies
I see right through

I believed in you
For a while
But now you’re just another secret


Modus Operandi

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M.O. Test 1Bound by an unspoken code and thrown in to a life of deception. The Devil put their heart in to sure hands for safe keeping. There was a long journey ahead with many paths written in blood. The undoing of what had been done and the liberation of future days. Retribution would bring redemption but first the bloodline had to be secured.

Remixed Emotions

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Is not on your side
Give some to some
And get taken for a ride

To nowhere

An emotional
Roller coaster
Leaving you
Flat lined


No one wants to go

Pick up the pieces
And run…


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A treacherous trickster
A lie on every breath
Using light
To hide in shadows
The nature of her game

She knows no shame
And keeps the prices high
Of every part of soul
She steals
An act quickly denied

Angelic vampire
Sucking life out of the real
Over rated
But Oh
She does have such appeal

Drag On

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Fire with fire
Blaze of the feud
Vendettas circle
And never tire
Violating youth
Begrudging change
Spilling blood
For the sake
Of blood split
An eye for an I
Hate you and your kin
Killing yours
A blessing
Killing mine
A sin
Each life wasted
Brings cheers
And as it ends
So it begins

The Key

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Lost heart
Far from home
From boy to man
He walked alone
Losing his way
On forsaken roads
He still had his mind
To lighten the load
The arms of a girl
Made him her boy
Now just a memory
Still a simple joy
Stopping the animal
Inside the man
Ripping apart
His ideals
His plans

Four Drops Of Blood

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Two snakes intertwined
Black and white spirals
Before my eyes
They mingle
They pull away
White for the forest
Black for my arm
Black as an old a friend
It feels like a charm
I reach out a hand
To show it no harm
From finger to elbow
It wraps round my skin
Then sinks in its fangs
Sharp, white and clean
I wonder why
What does it mean
But the answer?