A Taste In The Air

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Cherry lips for snowy mountains

A rising sun as a kiss goodnight

Melting ice that feeds a fountain

A source that gives the gift of life

Close your eyes

I’ll find you there

Close you eyes

And we will share

Our private place of rest


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An Introduction

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“I took a journey in the dark, with nothing but the voices of fallen angels to guide me.”


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There is an art to everything but not everything is art.


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The manipulation of the mundane has brought chaos.

Weapon Of Choice

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The Song Of Lost Souls

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A place that becomes a thought

A face that becomes a wish

And a dream that binds them


Two voices in the ether

One asking you to listen

The other asking you to listen to yourself


So many stories

Yet only one truth

In absence


Yet present

Through space

And time


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Decadence and hubris have always led to downfall.

The Human Touch

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They vacillate

From one vassal state

To another