The Mysteries

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Symbolism, masks and verses dedicated to the theme of creation are all in the make up of The Mysteries. A face and a poem representing a journey through the realms of conception. Both the physical and the spiritual are presented as the idea formulates in the flesh to create a new being with its own journey to embark upon.

The Mysteries are the second step in workings of Mirrors and Black magic. More defined and refined than 22 Secrets but still abstract and open enough to leave air for the third and final step to breathe creatively.

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At One

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A child in the wild
A taste of salt and wet sand
He wanders alone
As a storm sweeps the land
A Western wind
Waves foaming at their peak
In the greys and dark blue
A soul he soon seeks
A trident, leviathan
From the stories of old
A glimmer of reason
In the violence and cold

A voice from an elder
Harks through crashing waves
He pays it no heed
Not wishing to be saved
For the elements
Are savage, hypnotic
A bustling embrace
His mind starts to wander
beyond time and through Space
The inside comes out
The self disappears
As he feels the source
Of the Great ocean’s tears

HKH Flyer V.1

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HKH Flyer V1

Along with a young lady called Carolyn Siu, I have been gearing up to help people discover the darker side of Hong Kong and document our ventures.

From haunted buildings to crimes scenes, we have been researching the history and urban myths of the city with the dual purpose of taking people on a different kind of journey around HK and recording our adventures. We shall be both on the ground and on the net, posting pictures, write ups and streaming live.

The main website shall serve as a place to conserve research and as one of the means for the general public to contact us. We shall also be present through social media for live and other social interaction.


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I lost a child along this way
All too fast, too soon
I’m still haunted to this day
But there was no other way
The choice was not in my hands
My pleas were ignored
My word discredited
And the killer did not live to regret it
Yet she lived

I’ve walked this Earth with a broken heart
Before I got the chance to become a man
I don’t expect you to understand
And I won’t let you care
It’s been too long
And I’m too far gone
I’ll just dance with the devil
Until he cries out in despair
And begs me to forgive.


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It was some time around the year of 5 when I walked in to the shower room and looked in to the mirror. At first I saw my face but the more intently I looked the more I could see my skull. To the point that all flesh was gone showing me nothing more than bone and teeth. I didn’t know that I was tripping out at that point as I hadn’t, to my knowledge taken anything but I was tripping none the less. I took a step back, closed my eyes, shook my head then opened my eyes to see everything back to nearly normal.
I walked through to the living room alone and called someone on the phone. Maybe a few people. Then I saw her: Eyes of gold staring at me and lifting a fear I had never felt before or after that short part of my life, a fear that had seeped in to my everything and was holding me petrified. She made the pain go and filled me with a warmth that lifted me gently. Taking my hand with a firm grip, she started to cry as the word: Finally went through my mind. Then a great flash of white took me away.


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A dream
Maybe more of a premonition
A slow dance of hands
Maybe symbolic
In some distant land

Fingers painting the air
Like pigment to paper
A message
Maybe four words
I have yet to understand

Presented before me
Some mistress of mystery
She makes me disappear
With one stroke of her hand

Saving Faces

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Pride, honour and saving face are all rooted in the ego. Out of the three I have conserved a certain sense of honour. Whether it be through my work or certain aspects of my behaviour. Honour is simply a set of rules that you live by and as long as you chose those rules I can go with it.
However being proud of something because you are in some way connected to it is really just a form of narcissism and saving face when scandal comes your way is simply trying to cover up the truth. I chose to detach myself from that way of thinking many years ago as both make us blind to reality in different ways.

So why the title? I hear you think.

Well, at the beginning of the year I picked up a second camera for stills and safety shots when shooting video. I’ve been testing it out in various ways, one of which has been taking people’s portraits to test lighting, depth of field and put an online portfolio together. The portfolio is so I have something to send people who want a gun for hire for events but the portrait testing has sprouted wings and become a little something of it’s own. What was originally supposed to be a dozen portraits has now reached 25 faces and is growing. These faces are from different backgrounds, gender and age and are slowly building a mosaic representing the fibre of Hong Kong’s society. Each person simply comes as they are, takes a seat and I take 10 to 30 shots of them. Some stay for 30 mins, others stay for a couple of hours and once they are gone I save their faces for the record.