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The curse of the comedian is to bring laughter to people while sinking in to depression after the show. Their reality is solitude.

Sun Down

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Night Vision

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Just because you cannot see it

Does not mean it is not there

Although the masters of illusion

Would tell you otherwise

While pulling the strings

Of tyrant kings

And demented clowns

A verdant view

The reaper’s hue

Stalks the shadows

With purpose in its orders

Four stars



Burning flags

An uneasy uprising

I close my eyes

And hear it all

Whispers in the dark

Time to act

Like clowns


Like chemistry


Those with open eyes

Held in the sights

They embrace the void

Before the sword ascends

An Old Soldier

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A silent knight

Eyes lost in contemplation

His spirit in a glass

Almost empty

Out of the reach

Of the civilised

He sits apart

Not knowing how to fit in

Even though the blood spilt

Was spilt in their name

Even though the barbarity

Is what they cheer on

Just Jade

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Green is the colour

Of the leaf that breathes

Of the fields that feed

Of a man at war

With envy and greed

Green is the colour

Of the letters XIII

A number it seems

One that redeems

In these times of need

Green is the colour

At the heart of the stone

Once blue and alone

Now refined and atoned

And ready to lead

Words As A Texture (Smoke Screen)

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The Sixth Layer

Nurtured Nature

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My little bird of spring

You somehow survived the winter

After refusing to leave

During the fall

You found a warmth

That melts the snow

And an embrace

That won’t let go

And thus declared

That warmer climes

Were not your call

The Arrested Hearts

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A black ram on the field of battle

Stands out from the herd

While the herder stands

With stick and fence

And profits on his mind

From the market

Just beyond the gates

Where slaughter makes the prophet

Of outcomes so predictable

And transactions quite obscure

All their actions vowed to silence

As their word is titled pure

Until the ram stares at the herd

Before glaring at the herder’s face

With an eye for an eye

And death before dishonour

Comes a sudden change of pace

Before all hearts

Skip a beat

Transpose (A Footnote)

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“There was a part of the journey that began with a long, slow dance and a close yet cold embrace.

I do not really care much for that memory as it was a moment in the dark fuelled by anger, frustration and a nagging reminder of hopelessness but it was part of the process and thus worthy of note.

What came first was circumstance, then a crack in the mind and a rapid decent in to madness. The World had fallen apart well before my time but then it was my time to be part of the World and I simply had to go with the flow.

Voices and visions filled my head as my body grew weak. I wandered aimlessly through filthy streets feeling confused and wishing for a different existence but part of me knew that I was my only hope. What I did not know was that I would have to take several death trips in order to find that hope.

What was to follow was the great search for purpose. I was on the mend but still had a long way to go. I needed a reason to push forward and find the will to start over. I learned new ways to communicate and reached out in to the unknown. I found new faces and thoughts. Shared my ordeals with strangers and grew new bonds with them but there was one hiding in plain sight with a plan of their own. The longest of the death trips that has left more scars than I care to count.

There is, of course, one more death trip in store for me but that one is final and comes for us all and I am in no rush to take it. Not that I was in any rush for the others either but I suppose the Fates have their ways and one must soldier on regardless.

I have learned through it all and feel the need to put that knowledge to good use for both the living and future generations. I know I am not the man I once was, which has its good and its bad but the losses have been mostly mine and I can handle that. There is still strength in me enough to care and to guide. I am just very selective as to where and when that strength shall be used.”


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