A Day Without The Killing Jar (First Draft)

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She whispered I love you with lips that had sucked a thousand cocks. She was a middle aged harlot and had been around the block more than a few times but had somehow retained a certain sense of romance. So much of her had been broken by rough penetration and verbal put downs yet there was still a place in her heart that could help her say I love you and mean it.
As the years of her youth had gone by she had held on to those three words. Saving them for better times in a nicer part of life. A secret that she held tight along with the promise that the day they slipped from her lips she would have made it out of hell.
Hell, however, has it’s ways and as the flesh aged the words slipped out in a moment of desperation and reached the ears of a fallen angel with a taste for all that is broken.
Upon hearing the words he went limp and she felt the weight of his body and woe as he gurgled: “I am so, so, sorry!”
She felt his tears mingle with sweat and the fumes of alcohol. A hot and cold sensation running from her cheek to her ear as she lay there longing to be safe and forget everything she had ever experienced.

Tik Tak Toe

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HKH Branding Aged Test 4 Sized Down

We took a stroll at sunset

Towards the house of discipline

The only light was in our hands

As we chanced to peer within

Broken glass and nocturnal creatures

Were where children used to play

Next to the room where a red robed mistress

Took her life away.

No Man’s Land (First Draft)

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The cycle of your psychosis
Still haunts me to this day
A smiling lie on a twisted cunt
Who always got her way

You’re well gone now
But the damage still remains
As the strain of your memory
Never goes away

I’ll have my day

That’s what I used to say

Hoping that karma
Would lift up the betrayed

But the heart strings
Were snipped in their prime

A ragged cut
That would not heal with time

Oh how I wish to forget you


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Watch the dead before the bombs
Before the blood seeped from their souls
Before the walls, the tears…
The fall of Empire
Watch and feel the swell inside
It’s just a ride

It’s just a ride.

The Divide – Animation Test

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GIF Test 10

Bigger than intended.

The Root

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“Gripping to Mother in order to grow. She is the rock and the foundation of our existence upon whom we can reach for the stars.”

Zhi Jing

The Watcher

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“Take a stroll through the park if you want to catch a shadow. Nature will become a six sense that pin points the watcher so be at ease with the fauna and you will find the man.”

Dax Kando