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The Anecdote

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“A man walked in to a police station holding the severed head of his wife by the hair. He slammed it down on the main desk, looked one of the shocked officers straight in the eye and said: ‘Out of one prison and in to another! Guess I’m a creature of habit.’
He spent the rest of his life in a cell and never pronounced another word.”


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Memories in lights
Defined by shadows
Those city streets
Where only few go

Where solace is found
Far from the crowds
A haven of silence
Where dreams find their flow

A light burning bright
Late in to the night
Shining down
On fingers and keys

An opening door
For the soul to explore
Where dreams are refined
Before they’re set free

HKH Flyer V.1

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HKH Flyer V1

Along with a young lady called Carolyn Siu, I have been gearing up to help people discover the darker side of Hong Kong and document our ventures.

From haunted buildings to crimes scenes, we have been researching the history and urban myths of the city with the dual purpose of taking people on a different kind of journey around HK and recording our adventures. We shall be both on the ground and on the net, posting pictures, write ups and streaming live.

The main website shall serve as a place to conserve research and as one of the means for the general public to contact us. We shall also be present through social media for live and other social interaction.

Tik Tak Toe

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HKH Branding Aged Test 4 Sized Down

We took a stroll at sunset

Towards the house of discipline

The only light was in our hands

As we chanced to peer within

Broken glass and nocturnal creatures

Were where children used to play

Next to the room where a red robed mistress

Took her life away.

A Lesson In War

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A king and his general discussed the ways of war in the quiet quarters of a far eastern palace.

The king questioned his general about his ways of making warriors and challenged him to make an army out of 180 courtesans.

The courtesans were lined up and the general ordered them to take a step to the left. They giggled and remained where they stood so he repeated his order and again they giggled without moving.

The king in turn started to laugh until the general took two of the courtesans and severed their heads then repeated his order which was executed without hesitation.

The White Devil’s Dozen (First draft)

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1 –

Am I master or am I slave? Could I be the crown of an Empire or will I be reduced to a simple girl of joy controlled by the shadows? Can I carve my own destiny or am I bound by fate?
I have dreams and so many questions yet all I want are answers.

Who is Dax Kando?

2 –

My first question relates to this entity who first appeared in my mind during my most young and tender years. He came from the shadows with a charming smile and a warm embrace. Like a father he held me until I felt something penetrate the very essence of my being.

Who is Dax Kando?

3 –

My first question is looking for reason. Why did he lodge himself in the back of my mind? Why is he with me everywhere I go and why does it feel like he knows my every thought. It feels like he has complete control of me.

Who is Dax Kando?

4 –

My first question wonders what he thinks of me. Do my thoughts disgust him? Is he pleased with who I am? Did he come to me to make me a better person or is he trapped inside my twisted mind?

Who is Dax Kando?

5 –

My first question forces me to look at every aspect of my being. The errors of my ways taunt me because he knows me. Maybe he is me? Maybe he is a part of me that makes me face what I would rather ignore. Maybe I’m just crazy.

Who is Dax Kando?

6 –

My first question makes me ready for change. I have accepted his existence inside of me. I am ready for his guidance. I am at one with him and ready for him to be the answer to my questions.

Who is Dax Kando?

7 –

My first question has hope and desire. I give my will away and hope he will guide me for I desire to be a better person.

Who is Dax Kando?

8 –

My first question reminds me of all those whom I have harmed. Was he one of them back for revenge or was he the one who made me as I am?

Who is Dax Kando?

9 –

My first question nearly puts me on one knee asking for forgiveness but I refrain because I feel the urge to right all the wrongs that I may of caused. I hope that their effects have not put me beyond redemption.

Who is Dax Kando?


My first question makes me question my very being. Is this being inside me a part of me or is he an extension of self? Is this entity a force that needs to change? Or is he the bringer of change?

Who is Dax Kando?

11 –

My first question shatters the foundations of my ego. Am I who I always thought I was? Can I overcome my misgivings? Can I face all of my past actions?

Am I Dax Kando?

12 –

My first question is also my last question. I must stop doubting and be. I must be the one who leads. I must be the one with the answer and help others who have fallen along the path of life. I must be the one who can answer the question:

Who is Dax Kando?

B Is For Buddha

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Test 1Mrs Chan practiced Buddhism in the way most religious people go about practicing their religion: token gestures two or three times a year to help them feel part of something they ignore the principles of throughout their short brutish lives.

As the hungry ghost festival was coming up it was time for one of those token gestures so Mrs Chan went down to the Buddha for a buck store to get some paper money and incense to burn. She then went to Mr Charlie Leung’s food stall to purchase an offering for the gods, ghosts and local cockroaches. She had known Charlie since Christian high school where she used to give him a blowjob for a dollar before going to the main hall for the obligatory morning psalm service. They stayed friends in an economic sense although she was now paying him for something to put in her mouth.

With her purchases in hand she returned home where the maid received her with a bowed head and a nervous greeting. With a broken wrist flap of the hand Mrs Chan ordered the maid to return to her cupboard until further notice then started to prepare the ritual that would have its altar on the street outside.

The money was burned, the incense lit and the food offering was placed on the ground. Mrs Chan returned to her lair, the cockroaches came out for dinner, the rats came out to eat the cockroaches, feral cats came out to eat the rats and Charlie Leung came out with a big stick to get some free meat for his local food stall and thus the cycle of inner city life was complete.


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Globe Test 2A docile summer storm has arrived in the city to wash away the sweat and give the air a much needed chill. The rain streams down our old homes where we are stacked like chickens on an industrial farm. Lightening streaks the sky before the slow rumble of thunder brings solace after the hot steamy existence of the past few weeks.

I have a cold beer and a half smoked cigarette. I’m feeling a little bit tired but enjoying this moment of respite as ideas float between notes and screen.

Mong Kok

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For those of you that don’t know Mong Kok is not something you catch because you didn’t wear a johnny at the local whore house but a place in HK about ten minutes walk from where I live.

It made the news recently when a group of locals started throwing bricks at the cops because the government wants to remove their businesses from the streets. These businesses consist of small stalls set up to sell all sorts of goods and grub to passers by. They’ve been here for decades and are feature that give the place character as well as providing a means to make a living for those who can’t afford the bloated rents that faceless property owners demand.

So let me sum up the situation for you: Rents and leases here increase every two years and I have spoken with people who have had 300 percent added to theirs which has resulted in them having to move location. Others simply shut down. This has impact on business at all levels and over the years I have seen some very well known international companies call it a day as well as smaller local businesses that had been going for decades.

Now the person sitting in the big boss chair just now made his fortune through property so there is no point in expecting him to do anything to change the system that made him rich. However when the Michelin book turns up in Kong to celebrate street food it is probably a good idea to leave the stalls selling the food alone instead of trying to shut them down. Especially when you are the reason they have to set up stalls in the street instead of being able to rent or buy a store to operate from. Unfortunately the big boss has the intellectual capacity of a brain damaged rodent and is probably still trying to work out how to tie his shoe laces so, expect to see more bricks.


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A dog got hit by a train a few days back and thousands have turned out for its funeral. A man got hit by a train some time before that and not many gave a shit. While all of this has been happening old folk are going through the city’s bins to survive. Many working people are still living in cages or coffin rooms. They are underfed, overworked and underpaid but a stray dog died, it’s tragic and we must pay our respects.