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Aim to Please, Shoot To Kill

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Enigma Test 1

Going to finish this old peanut off today then put the animation in motion. Each symbol represents a method and this is the accumulation of methods.

I did the primary sketches five years back and have worked on and off on the four symbols since. As I am tying up loose ends it was time to stop tinkering with them and get them finished. You’ll see them pop up here and there on various websites in the future representing: Word, image, sound and video.

Harlequin WIP

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Harlequin WIP

“Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?” He inquired

“No!” Replied the Jester, “You are just being born.”

The Inde. Artist and Tech. Part 2: The Image

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Pucker up and look intense as we are about to venture in to the world of visual art and what makes it tick.

The image has the highest impact on the great unwashed and their short attention spans which you would think would make it the best way to turn a coin if you are any good. Well, if you join commercial ventures it is possible but you will have to forsake artistic integrity. If you plan on being the next Picasso then practice your oral sex techniques because you’re going need them more than you’ll need talent. In short, outside the world of theater, the image is the trickiest bitch on the art scene. She will seduce you with white wine and compliments then run after a more seductive trend quicker than you can say: but you said…but it is not entirely their fault as the market is saturated with visual artists and the market for visual art is very small (outside commercial ventures). Just think about it: When was the last time you bought a framed picture as opposed to a book or an album by your favourite band?

I’ve always looked at the image as a way to convey a larger artistic entity rather than an end to itself but if you want to dedicate yourself to this side of art then find people to work with. Become a partner in crime with a writer, give musicians a visual esthetic or create props for filmmakers. Avoid the gallery system unless they come to you with a big cheque that clears before you put your work up and avoid commercial ventures unless they come to you with a big cheque before you put your work in.

If I haven’t scared you off yet then lets get down to techniques. Now I do not care what style of visual art you are doing or plan on doing until you know how to master a pencil. Sketching, drawing and reproduction are the basic training tools for every visual artist. They are to the image what the alphabet is to writing. I started out with a pencil as a kid and go back to it on a regular basis as it is the quickest way to get ideas down. Once you have your ideas down you can choose what medium will best convey them and take your time over variations and methods.

As a child I spent hours with acrylic paint and miniatures without wearing thick rimmed specs or talking with a speech impediment. I had my 000 horse hair brushes and an eye for detail until around 2008 when I moved in to digital and found a whole new learning curve to overcome. Now I work with pencils, a scanner, two digital cameras and an editing program called Paintdotnet. I create for my own projects and plan on keeping it that way as I really make no compromise when it comes to image.

The Inde. Artist and Tech. Part 1: The Word

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It has been over ten years now since I first started tinkering with computers and the internet as a means of creation, research and communication. Over this time I have gone from complete novice to greying digital warlock with a penchant for mods, Chinese snake juice and cyber tits and ass in the strangest of poses (Hey each to their own).  Actually, to tell the truth I’m on the Lu Jin wine now as snake juice has become hard to come by but anyway, I diverge. This series of diary posts is going to be about lessons learned as a independent tech artist online and off. I’m going to share some tips and tricks that I have learned from trial and error and give some pointers to what to use and what not to use if you want to start using computers as your tool for creation and beyond.

First off: writing is the cheapest form of creation. Whether you borrow a pen and a napkin  or set up a free blog such as the one I am using now, all you will really need is your imagination and observations to get going. If you want a hassle free system then buy a laptop with a good word processor and a flash drive for back up. I use Open Office for all word docs as it is versatile and free but you need to have a knowledge of file formats if you plan on sending drafts out to third parties so you may be better sticking with Windows if you are not tech savvy at all.

For blogs I recommend this one: WordPress. It’s basic plan is free, it is easy to interconnect with social networks and other sites and the image presentation is good (I’ll get to images later). If all you want to do is write then you can stop there. All you need to do is post on a regular basis, maintain your themes and reply to those who make contact with you. If things work out well then you can turn your Blog in to your main website for a fee which will give you more options and give your website a cleaner and more professional look.

The second step is to nearly forget social networks. They will waste your time and all your efforts will simply be making money for some silicon creep who enjoys looking at themselves in the mirror while they masturbate.  However you do need to have some presence there as they make up a large part of internet traffic so set up a page with your details and log on if someone makes contact with you (Interaction is key). The big player just now is Facebook so have a page there but remember that only about ten percent of what you post will get through to the people who are interested in what you post.

Now, if you really mean business set up your own website. If I do not know you at all and you don’t have one I will not take you seriously. The internet is full of budding artists and even more wannabe celebrities using social networks to try and be the next big thing. Join that crowd and you will be drowned out by the crowd. You need to pinpoint what you want to do and define the audience you are going for. Your website should do just that. There are plenty of website hosts out there that will cost you around 20USD a year so search the web for the plan that suits you best and use it to show what you are all about. (For security reasons I am not going to share the one I use as I have been fighting off hackers for quite some time).

That is all you need to be an online writer so get to it.

The Year Of 11

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The year started with a deep loss and felt like a morbid continuation of the year of 10. It has been several months now since I have had to bury any friends and I hope it will stay that way for at least a few years more.

Time isn’t on our side and making every day count isn’t always that easy. I certainly haven’t achieved anything like I had planned for this year. Between dealing with loss, depression and a general lack of support. The year has felt lonely and creativity has been hindered by constant interruptions and a noisy environment. As weeks rolled in to months I felt an ever growing frustration and lack of purpose. Still I have soldiered on and even though I have not completed what I set to do this year, I have at least gotten the most of it in place.

For me, the role of the artist is to take dysfunction and turn it in to an advantage. If there is no way out then create one.

Technicians look at what is possible and apply their knowledge.

The artist makes the impossible happen.

The harder life gets, the more inventive you have to be. Pondering a problem doesn’t make it go away though it is part of the observation process. This year I have seen many changes and not many of them have been good. A lot of talk without action, a lot of acts no one took the time to think through and a lot of people having parties to celebrate murder.

A world run by technicians and followed by the fashion conscious.

Tools and toys have replaced constructive thought making many consider themselves artists rather than acknowledge that they are a statistic on a bill of sales. It has been a sad empty year built with apathy which makes me ask myself this question: What are you going to do about it?

The Chasm between Art and Money

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I was reading an interesting blog yesterday about how to make money selling art. As I was reading through the list of points I found myself nodding and thinking yeah that’s right but then it dawned on me: What is the defining relationship between money and art? The simple answer is: There isn’t one.

Art in the purest sense of the term in not a commodity. It’s value is purely down to taste and maybe the price of the materials used to create it. For some a certain painting is worth millions for others that same painting would be better in the fire rather than above the fireplace. So how does the whole system work? I would split it in to two. One side would be how to make money in the art world and the other would be how to create art.

For the first case, making money can be very straight forward. If you know the right people in the right place and, or have good financial backing. You follow the trends of what the majority of people like. Add a couple of quirks to it to make it slightly different then use mass market advertising until you’re selling more than the advertising cost. This plan can get you bankrupt or become the next fad. Obviously you’re aiming to be the next fad so you find some clever marketeers to make your pre chewed bull smell like Chanel No.5. A bit of brainwashing in the right place and your product, sorry art, has made made you a million or two.

Now for the second case. Creating a work of art requires risk. You’ll be needing passion, ideas and most important of all: Talent. The risk you will be taking is that you are going to have to put all of You in to something that may give absolutely nothing back. If you are not willing to accept that or have a different agenda then go for case one or become an art enthusiast rather than artist. A work of art reaches in to different realms of the psyche. Lose that focus and it all disappears. That is what gives art its true value. You can slap a price tag on to a box of cereal but art is a unique spark that can neither be truly defined or categorized.