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Becoming The Enemy

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 24/03/2018 by GeoSolus

I set myself a challenge around 9 years back and that was to create an audio piece from scratch and have it complete within a fortnight. This I did with a laptop, headphones, my faithful old Shure SM58 and some software a friend had sent me.

At the time I had just gotten married and was living in the poorest area of Kowloon. We were in a one room flat with a neighbor who was often screaming: “He’s going to kill me!” Day and night while her extremely tattooed boyfriend tried to break her gate with a big chunk of iron. I had a wee word with them which calmed things down for about two days but she started up again even though she was alone and the cops had been round. Happy times as they say in the land of the cynic.

Now I had had a music deal go south and was thousands of miles away from home with enough psychological baggage to fill a freight but I am not one for giving up. I had the Internet and enough equipment to create and publish so I decided to go solo and make things happen. I was getting a lot of support from the US and Japan who digged my deep, dark and twisted approach to sound so I ventured on while setting myself challenges to make sure I didn’t put things off to another day.

The cover art had to be changed after an artist agreed to let me use a piece of his and then later retracted. From that point on I decided to do everything myself and depend on no one even if that meant becoming the enemy.


Knot (First Draft)

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , on 23/04/2017 by GeoSolus

When your confidence
Feels broken
Almost as broken as your heart
You try to escape
Dig a hole
Embrace the shadows
Chain down
The urge
To purge
The past
The present
And all you ever cared about

Be fearless or cease to be

When you’re full of doubt
Feeling lost
Almost as lost
As your soul
You try to reshape
Find a goal
Beyond the gallows
Stringing up
The lows
Of a life
You never really cared about

Warranty – WIP

Posted in Audio, Writing with tags , on 03/01/2017 by GeoSolus

I’ve been in the dark

For a long, long time

Emotionally alone

With my ass on the line

I’ve watched the years

Take their toll

As you pissed on my dreams

And tortured my soul

Old thoughts of revenge

have passed me by

As you never gave a fuck

So why should I try

To even a score

After all that’s been lost

Not even rage

Could balance what you cost


I’m just a mortal

Born to die

But I shall bear witness

To your final sigh…