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She Played Solitaire

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It took about sixteen hours to fly from Edinburgh to Hong Kong. Hours spent reading a personal diary that spoke of who he was during his past years in Scotland. The adventures that bordered legality and those that could threaten his freedom, all written by hand and bound in black leather. For him it was a keepsake but it could have been viewed by others as evidence. He knew that it was in his best interest to destroy it but there was an old sense of justice that lurked in the back of his mind. A voice from a younger self saying that everyone should be held accountable for their actions without exception. His time would come and that day the whole truth should be set free and so he kept the diary as it was the only record of that period of his life.
Upon arrival in Kong, a smartly lady dressed in white met him at the airport. She was expecting him but she was not expected. As she stepped out in front of him to announce her presence he side stepped her to meet his scheduled rendez-vous while mentally noting the face for future reference. She did of course resurface at several points during the making of his new life asking him to get in to a taxi. One day, after she had ceased appearing for three years, she turned up once more. He got in to the taxi and was never heard of again but the diary. The diary was in different hands.

Modus Operandi

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M.O. Test 1Bound by an unspoken code and thrown in to a life of deception. The Devil put their heart in to sure hands for safe keeping. There was a long journey ahead with many paths written in blood. The undoing of what had been done and the liberation of future days. Retribution would bring redemption but first the bloodline had to be secured.

The Second Ritual

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The Second Ritual takes place within the mind of Dax Kando and shall be presented as a sort of short graphic novel. It is a manipulation within a drug infused dreamscape that crosses between a memory, a Gothic fairy tale and a silent order.

It shall be presented online as a multi paged website with a blog attached with notes and sketches about the creation process and origins of the symbols and characters.

At this point in time the main structure of the website is online, fifty percent of the text has been written and the images have been prepped and put in order. I shall be working on this piece over the coming week and will be ready to publish early in November.

The Watcher

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“Take a stroll through the park if you want to catch a shadow. Nature will become a six sense that pin points the watcher so be at ease with the fauna and you will find the man.”

Dax Kando