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“Once you had my blood removed from your womb, you placed yourself beyond redemption.”

The 13th Factor

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The 13th Factor Test 1

Basic animation test.

The Guardian Of Secrets

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TRHBC Test 11

“From association to derivation to the spark of life granting creation, you were born and have the time to dwell. So swallow the pill and join me in Hell. Where you are blinded by faith and I am blinded by fury and our love refuses to let us see. That there is no future for you and me. You are life and I am death and if we sealed the deal with a kiss then I would forever be bereft.
So I feel you from a distance. Just out of touch. For my touch is reserved for those who have nothing left.”

Reaper 2.0

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Taking back what once was mine
For that old flame
Stood the test of time
Forever and a day
Just to say
You were missed

TRHBC - Reaper

Passing On

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A field of green
In the summer sun
My dark sister
By my side
Singing me her song
There is something wrong
My body is broken
But it is not my time
She whispers
Rise and conquer
Turn and face your fate
There is no time to waste
I stare in to her dark dark eyes
She smiles
I nod
And we part ways once more

Back Burner

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Burn bright
My shooting star
It’s time
To even scores
You were born
In to the fight
It’s time
To fight once more

Count your scars
With cool revenge
In your brain
Sharpened wits
Through your veins

It’s all a game
It’s all a game
Until the hunt
Drives you insane
Just take them down
Bring balance back
And then just
Slowly walk away…

The Creator

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A cold beer and a cigarette
Wired to the machine
Writing a requiem
And purging old dreams
These days have been counted
Each breath on the clock
Giving heart to the world
Before that heart stops

Just a voice in the dark
Drowning in noise
Reflecting a life
A life that destroys
The promise it made
At the point of creation
Another mistake
A sharp deviation

From the word to the act
An elaborate myth
That robs you of hope
Then asks you forgive
Their ways of deceit
Their treacherous tongues
As they kill all you love
Then hand you the gun

Vengeance they say
The cold hand of death
Be righteous with fury
It’s all you have left
But you lay down the weapon
And pick up the pen
For each thought recorded
Will live past your end


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It was some time around the year of 5 when I walked in to the shower room and looked in to the mirror. At first I saw my face but the more intently I looked the more I could see my skull. To the point that all flesh was gone showing me nothing more than bone and teeth. I didn’t know that I was tripping out at that point as I hadn’t, to my knowledge taken anything but I was tripping none the less. I took a step back, closed my eyes, shook my head then opened my eyes to see everything back to nearly normal.
I walked through to the living room alone and called someone on the phone. Maybe a few people. Then I saw her: Eyes of gold staring at me and lifting a fear I had never felt before or after that short part of my life, a fear that had seeped in to my everything and was holding me petrified. She made the pain go and filled me with a warmth that lifted me gently. Taking my hand with a firm grip, she started to cry as the word: Finally went through my mind. Then a great flash of white took me away.

The First Cut

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Number 13

It is not love that binds one to another for with love comes duality. It is communication, understanding and trust that forge the trinity that makes division impossible.


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Heresy Evolved

The immortal dream

More lucid than it has ever been

And with it comes a vision

Of holocaust and division

As the chosen become forever

And the machine becomes so clever

That the masses must cease to be