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The Point

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“What is the point of your art?”

“To reach out and touch people from beyond the grave.”

XIII Redux

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A choice of three faces

In a virtual space

As a mask for a man

At his dark sister’s door

Where the faintest of knocking

Can be heard through the screams

As he wonders if the nightmare

Can evolve into a dream

Where time moves so slowly

As the days race on by

And the touch becomes love

Never willing to die

Into The Flesh – Day 14

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“Sometimes it is a good idea to talk to the dead even if it just as a reminder of where we are going. A reminder to make the most of every breath we take.’

‘Have you ever had any near death experiences?’

‘Oh, I died years back. I’ve been a ghost for over fourteen years now.’

‘How did that come about?’

‘A spike in a legal drug. It killed my heart.’

‘And yet here you are, without a heart.’

‘It’s funny how things work out isn’t it.’

‘So you don’t feel anything then?’

‘I feel the emptiness in others. Their mundane, repetitive existence desperately grasping at fantasies to try and climb out of the dullness of who they are.’

‘Why do you think you feel them.’

‘Because they are the ones who killed me. The source of my loss. Those blank faced liars, deceivers, parasites running on a disproportionate love of self.’


‘Narcissism, self love, same thing. Short sighted ego trippers.’

‘You seem bitter.’

‘I should be but I’m not. I’m disappointed.’

‘Why the disappointment?’

‘Because it could have been so much better. I lost years helping others understand things that they only truly grasped with retrospect and then I had to watch them repeat the same mistakes in a different environment.’

‘You’re not bitter, you’re frustrated.’

‘That I am.’



‘Here’s to brighter days!’

‘Hmm, it is darkest before the dawn.’


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“Once you had my blood removed from your womb, you placed yourself beyond redemption.”

The 13th Factor

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The 13th Factor Test 1

Basic animation test.

The Guardian Of Secrets

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TRHBC Test 11

“From association to derivation to the spark of life granting creation, you were born and have the time to dwell. So swallow the pill and join me in Hell. Where you are blinded by faith and I am blinded by fury and our love refuses to let us see. That there is no future for you and me. You are life and I am death and if we sealed the deal with a kiss then I would forever be bereft.
So I feel you from a distance. Just out of touch. For my touch is reserved for those who have nothing left.”

Reaper 2.0

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Taking back what once was mine
For that old flame
Stood the test of time
Forever and a day
Just to say
You were missed

TRHBC - Reaper

Passing On

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A field of green
In the summer sun
My dark sister
By my side
Singing me her song
There is something wrong
My body is broken
But it is not my time
She whispers
Rise and conquer
Turn and face your fate
There is no time to waste
I stare in to her dark dark eyes
She smiles
I nod
And we part ways once more

Back Burner

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Burn bright
My shooting star
It’s time
To even scores
You were born
In to the fight
It’s time
To fight once more

Count your scars
With cool revenge
In your brain
Sharpened wits
Through your veins

It’s all a game
It’s all a game
Until the hunt
Drives you insane
Just take them down
Bring balance back
And then just
Slowly walk away…

The Creator

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A cold beer and a cigarette
Wired to the machine
Writing a requiem
And purging old dreams
These days have been counted
Each breath on the clock
Giving heart to the world
Before that heart stops

Just a voice in the dark
Drowning in noise
Reflecting a life
A life that destroys
The promise it made
At the point of creation
Another mistake
A sharp deviation

From the word to the act
An elaborate myth
That robs you of hope
Then asks you forgive
Their ways of deceit
Their treacherous tongues
As they kill all you love
Then hand you the gun

Vengeance they say
The cold hand of death
Be righteous with fury
It’s all you have left
But you lay down the weapon
And pick up the pen
For each thought recorded
Will live past your end