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Between The Rocks

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He sang for a crow

Yet married a vulture

Picking at his bones

Even once they’d turned to ash

Not the scavenger

He had predicted

Not the murder

He had seen

He tied the knot

She strung the noose

We lost the legend

And she hopped away



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I have witnessed

Worlds of deceit

Falling apart

Their crumbling vanity

Chemically enhanced

Setting the stage

For their requiem


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There was one. One who stood out from the rest. One who caught the inner eye and gently tied a little red thread around it. A pinky promise made in a realm beyond human understanding. Binding two souls who walked different roads, leading to different fates and yet somehow remained together. Feeling each other. Feeling that each step taken was a shortening of the thread. For the things they shared were larger than life. From a flower in a field to the forests, the oceans and the sky, from night to day, the celestial beings smiled and they smiled with them. Knowing that the other existed.

Under The Spell

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A time to remember

Came to an end

As a stream of noise

Became a torrent

Constant frequencies

Moronic undertones

Outraged overlords

Taking mediocrity

And turning it insane


Be the mirror

Force them to reflect

On the mindless whores

That they’ve become


Don’t demonize

And the truth

Will change

Their game


See this world

For what it is

And save what can be saved

From the fashioning of life

Dictating thought

With forced agenda

Killing acts

To Make the numbers

And feigning passion

To kill the flame

Sun Down

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Night Vision

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Just because you cannot see it

Does not mean it is not there

Although the masters of illusion

Would tell you otherwise

While pulling the strings

Of tyrant kings

And demented clowns

A verdant view

The reaper’s hue

Stalks the shadows

With purpose in its orders

Four stars



Burning flags

An uneasy uprising

I close my eyes

And hear it all

Whispers in the dark

Time to act

Like clowns


Like chemistry


Those with open eyes

Held in the sights

They embrace the void

Before the sword ascends

An Old Soldier

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , on 14/07/2022 by GeoSolus

A silent knight

Eyes lost in contemplation

His spirit in a glass

Almost empty

Out of the reach

Of the civilised

He sits apart

Not knowing how to fit in

Even though the blood spilt

Was spilt in their name

Even though the barbarity

Is what they cheer on

Just Jade

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Green is the colour

Of the leaf that breathes

Of the fields that feed

Of a man at war

With envy and greed

Green is the colour

Of the letters XIII

A number it seems

One that redeems

In these times of need

Green is the colour

At the heart of the stone

Once blue and alone

Now refined and atoned

And ready to lead

Words As A Texture (Smoke Screen)

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The Sixth Layer

Nurtured Nature

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My little bird of spring

You somehow survived the winter

After refusing to leave

During the fall

You found a warmth

That melts the snow

And an embrace

That won’t let go

And thus declared

That warmer climes

Were not your call