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Behind The Stigma

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , on 19/04/2021 by GeoSolus

These brittle little cogs

In the delusional machine

Have left the future

Far behind them

To drown in hails

Of primal screams

What of their youth?

What of their dreams?

What of the stigma

They create

With their ignorance and folly

And their whiny little traits

Just let them run

Towards the cliff

Let them believe

That they can fly

And the future maybe saved

From this breed of breathing lies

The Charade

Posted in Visual Art, Writing with tags , , , , on 20/11/2020 by GeoSolus

Painted faces

All lines and shades

Where is the truth?

Behind this masquerade

A thought, a feeling

Fingers and strings

The truth is bound

To leave a sting

The Burn

Posted in Visual Art, Writing with tags , , , , , , , on 20/10/2020 by GeoSolus

Fire or water

One in the same

From the scars on the mountain

To the warmth of the flame


Posted in Writing with tags , , , , on 06/04/2020 by GeoSolus

Start from the top
Work your way down
An eye for the king
A boot for the clown
With nowhere to run
And nowhere to hide
Be the knife to the throat
Not the thorn in the side

Drag On

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , , on 20/02/2019 by GeoSolus

Fire with fire
Blaze of the feud
Vendettas circle
And never tire
Violating youth
Begrudging change
Spilling blood
For the sake
Of blood split
An eye for an I
Hate you and your kin
Killing yours
A blessing
Killing mine
A sin
Each life wasted
Brings cheers
And as it ends
So it begins


Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 19/07/2018 by GeoSolus

One more dance
A familiar one
To come undone
By our own hands
We know the steps
Our last regrets
Our last confession
Takes the stand

The laws of nature
Brought us here
To confront fear
And brave the world
The great unknown
Still chills the bone
Yet deep in to it
We must be hurled

I Am

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , on 18/02/2018 by GeoSolus

The throne of experience
The geometry of truth
The ticks and crosses
The bare witness held aloof

I am the watching eye
Sharpening the blade
Cold impartial judge
Of both your kings and slaves

Your gods and messiahs
Now hang their heads in shame
For they know what is coming
For they know they are to blame

Their time is your time
To bare your neck, embrace the block
From one drop runs a river
That words can never stop

The Talents Of The Worm

Posted in Video, Writing with tags , on 22/07/2016 by GeoSolus


I deal with the shadows that lurk behind the lies of your existence. They give me those elements of truth that you refuse to face and with grace protect me from becoming like you.