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Into The Flesh – Day 12

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“Freedom can be found through thought. The mind can let you escape to wherever you wish if you let it take you there. An ability that is crucial in the most dire times of trouble. As it allows a bit of respite when everything has turned so very dark.’

‘Are you a daydreamer?’

‘I was called that in school but really I was just thinking about other things.’

‘What sort of things?’

‘Projects. I would formulate them in my head then work on them when I got home. I liked to build vehicles, both small and large.’

‘Were you planning on going somewhere?’

‘Oh, I like to be on the move. As a kid I’d disappear in to the wilderness. Hiking through the hills or cycling through the woods. Now I let my mind roam.’

‘Where did the vehicles you built fit in to this?’

‘Mmm, I suppose they were prototypes for how I wanted to travel. A fast car, a plane, a boat. I never made a train strangely enough.’

‘Why is that strange?’

‘Because it is my favourite way to travel.’

‘So you like things to be laid down on rails?’

‘Oh I go off the beaten track far too often to say that that is the case. Trains just have a great sense of destination and you can mingle in ways that you can’t on other forms of transport.’

‘You can mingle on a ship.’

‘Trains don’t sink or have to deviate course because of the weather. You get on and nothing is going to stop you from getting to destination.’

‘Does this reflect your train of thought?’

‘Yeah, I suppose it does.’

‘What would a station reflect then?’

‘An option.’

‘An opportunity to settle down maybe?’

‘It could be that but those haven’t worked out very well for me. Maybe I just go off at the wrong station.’

‘Were there other stations that you wished you stopped off at?’

‘A couple yeah, but I didn’t get off did I. I just watched the waves of hands as the train left with me on it.’

‘That sounds like regret.’

‘It is but it is best to take it as a lesson learned. It’s a gentle thought really. A moment to ponder what may have been but never will be. A reminder that…’


‘A reminder that a simple gesture can change everything.’

Bishop To Queen

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Sisters of sorts

An evolution

Focused on the scars

Of a warrior’s mind

Touching what has healed

Embracing what has not

Over time

V Empire

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Empire Squared
Let me borrow your smile
While I cruise through this reality
Where nerves and circuits intertwine
Electric minds
In search of the divine
So close
Yet somehow
Pass each other by

Relaxed And Apathetic

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Pop a pill and watch them die
No need to smile, no need to cry
One shot
One stabbed
Another fried
Who gives a shit
They played
They lied
This game has rules
You can’t defy
So be the life
They can’t deny

Just be…


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It just is
Always has been

Balance can be found
Through extremes

The distance between
These open hands
Is where you show
Just where you stand

To embrace the world
Or confined
To simple prayer
Will you bring
A pause for peace
Or will you be
The slayer

All is fair
In love and war
For deceivers
For the cheats
But the one who wins
With honest heart
Is glorious indeed

Stage I – The Cognitive Act

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The senses record the waves and their variations for the brain to assimilate. Each variation is a new experience registered for future reference to help speed up the process of interaction should a similar experience occur.
The mind stores and interprets data as it is received to help fine tune instinct and help prepare the being for future encounters. It is blind to the world and dependent on the senses to keep it aware of the surrounding environment but it has the ability to restructure information and define the limitations of both its dependency and of the senses upon which it is dependent. The mind is thus capable of overriding the senses and pushing the being to actions that defy both instinct and perceived reality.

Tooth And Claw

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With words, we tear each other apart. A cycle dominated by the ego. A vicious circle that pushes for infinity until one picks up the plume and writes all wrongs. Then simply, moves on.


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Stage 4

Stage 4


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Organised chaos burning minds

These burning matters on the tongue

Clenching fists and trying to find

Some reason, some purpose

Some balancing of scales

As the reptiles taste the air of revolution