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There was no escape
Too young
Too weak
Trapped by circumstance
From birth
We seek
A way out
A way forward
A reason to be
More than they make us
More than they see

These fractures now mended
These bones won’t comply
To the rules of another
Who won’t even try
A change of perspective
Or a thought
For the hurt
That veils you in darkness
As you rise from the dirt

All the words from love lost
Become swords over time
As you bare out your chest
To cut out their crimes
And the mind becomes static
Charged with a sense
A purpose and reason
That demands they repent


The Temperate Flush

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The throne of infancy
Between her thighs
Where the sands of time
Become pearls

All the wealth in the world
Still cannot buy
The most precious of gifts
From a girl

She may have grace
And an elegant pace
All the teachings
Of a social caste

But a mother she knows
What will break
What will flow
With a love that will always hold fast

So be wary my friend
Not all sexual ends
Will bring you what matters the most
The conception is fast
But the love will not last
Unless a mother
Is the chosen host


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CV Test 1

The Wanderer

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A mystery
A dead bolt slides
The dead of night
A child is stirred
Without fright
His sleepy eyes
Rubbed in to focus
To catch a glimpse
Of those among us
A solitary
Little girl
Quietly laughs
Finger to curl
Follow me
She slyly says
For we are one
And yet I’m dead
Arise my boy
Shake from your slumber
For one and one
Is now our number
With sleight of hand
And shadow play
We shall dance
Until that day

Wen – WIP

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Wen Test 1


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MM Test 1

The Creator

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A cold beer and a cigarette
Wired to the machine
Writing a requiem
And purging old dreams
These days have been counted
Each breath on the clock
Giving heart to the world
Before that heart stops

Just a voice in the dark
Drowning in noise
Reflecting a life
A life that destroys
The promise it made
At the point of creation
Another mistake
A sharp deviation

From the word to the act
An elaborate myth
That robs you of hope
Then asks you forgive
Their ways of deceit
Their treacherous tongues
As they kill all you love
Then hand you the gun

Vengeance they say
The cold hand of death
Be righteous with fury
It’s all you have left
But you lay down the weapon
And pick up the pen
For each thought recorded
Will live past your end