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The Reflection Of A Son

Posted in Visual Art, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 31/05/2022 by GeoSolus

A presence fills my lonely nights

And stays with me ’til dawn

As the moon reflects its distant light

And whispers

Hold on

Hold on

And so I see her face once more

A shimmer in these shadows

A key to hearts

Of lost delights



Upon the gallows

XIII Redux

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , , on 23/05/2022 by GeoSolus

A choice of three faces

In a virtual space

As a mask for a man

At his dark sister’s door

Where the faintest of knocking

Can be heard through the screams

As he wonders if the nightmare

Can evolve into a dream

Where time moves so slowly

As the days race on by

And the touch becomes love

Never willing to die

Winter Bloom

Posted in Writing with tags , , on 17/05/2022 by GeoSolus

A hint of hostility

Sad, disappointed


The one whom I would embrace

With what little warmth I have left

Dueling Flames

Posted in Visual Art, Writing with tags , , , , , on 31/03/2022 by GeoSolus

The root spreads with symbolism
Digging deep in to Mother Earth
Feeding the sprout
That reaches for the heavens
Taking from the cold and dark
To shine a light on our humanity

The Blue Blood Harvest

Posted in Visual Art, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 22/03/2022 by GeoSolus

New clouds are forming

Around a generation of bored animals

Born in to self indulgence

Around the twisted turn of the century

When the noble kind were dead or dying

Killed by what they fought against

Killed by the parents of those bored animals

A Rapid Eye

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , on 28/02/2022 by GeoSolus

Tired of the flock

And the shepherd’s deceit

Tired of the burning flesh

Extinguished with fresh blood

Tired of the drugs

Killing the cure

Killing the spirit

Killing the heart

All for a promise of gold

Tired, oh so tired

Yet sleep evades me


Posted in Writing with tags , , , , on 28/01/2022 by GeoSolus

They get to know you over time

So they can teach you how to hate

They wait for you to progress

So that they can cut you down

They frown upon those who do you harm

After removing their reflection

So that you cannot perceive

The enemy beside you

A Map Of The Mind

Posted in Visual Art, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 05/01/2022 by GeoSolus

As years turn into decades

Look back and find the patterns

The points upon which life pivots

The lines that were crossed

The success, the defeat

The moments where life

Rinses then repeats

And over time you shall see

Far in to the future

Miss Medicated

Posted in Writing with tags , , , on 29/12/2021 by GeoSolus

A dead eyed mall queen

Forces a fake smile

Then strikes a pose

To show the world

The emptiness inside

And yet she feels

With such emotion

A longing for a change

As reality grows darker


Her fantasies remain

It is a hard pill to swallow

A detachment

From the self

To be the product

Of the moment

Before returning

To the shelf

To gather dust

Over time

And watch the world

Pass on by

As what was empty

Fills with sadness


Those dead eyes remain dry

The Grey

Posted in Visual Art, Writing with tags , , , on 07/12/2021 by GeoSolus

Maturity comes with experience and contemplation.