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Each night a different dream. Each dream a different form of reality. Stripping the soul naked one button at a time and leaving a cold bare truth in the minds of all living beings…


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Version 3

The Virtual Grave

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Under the tyranny of popular opinion I felt subjugated. Its Ideas nothing more than scum scrapped from the bottom of the barrel and plastered across the great white screen like a shit stain on pure silk. Is this all there is to the human mind?
I travelled deeper, past pictures of the dead and notes left to them in loving memory. Adverts and scams wrapped these short instances of sincerity that were underlined by dancing cats and abandoned dogs. A taste of bile hit the back of my throat when images of the outside world came in to view. Days before the Zero One. Days of beauty lost and yet there for all to copy and paste.

The Knowledge of Fear

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…as I didn’t want to die they refused to let me live the way I so desired…

Terra Incognita

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…and it is so that we entered a new era of kings and slaves. God is a machine, the sacred texts are now digital code and the all seeing eye counts in billions. Every thought pattern is identified, analysed and then commercialized for the hidden few. Those who once consumed are now a product trapped behind the numeric curtain. Dull eyed and blank faced. They have no realisation of their pain as they disintegrate in to the void at the sound of a click.

Twenty One

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Twenty One

Layer 6

Under The Stars

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…while gazing in to a deep dark blue sprinkled with celestial beings. A wish started to formulate. Intertwined with what is and the desire for something else it grew in fantasy as far as the imagination could reach…

On The Edge

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…the shadows become one great patch of black cast by a messenger sent by our dark sister. This messenger was created by the crowd and their priorities but his gift was born from the inevitable end that so many fear. He is the one who brings balance to the scales and lurks in the subconscious of all sentient creatures. He is one with you and your every thought and action until you reach the great divide…


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The Second Layer

The Second Layer

Love For All That Is Broken

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…thoughts had been fractured by violence. Was it envy that created such rage? What vile being gave birth to these wretched demons that crowd and drown with such hatred? There was a path for hope but now it is tainted, fading and soiled by the footprints of the brainless mob…