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Twisting The Fates

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Fingers Ref 03

To become a master of one’s destiny we must first capture our demons and hold them on a tight leash.

The Angles

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The Angles Test 1

A detail from The White Devil’s Dozen becomes personified to symbolize The Tethered God.

Angles and colour scheme are in place but I still need to draft up more sketches for poses and movement as this is a stop motion project that requires a certain fluidity to contrast with sudden cuts.

Focus Test 4

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AP 4 Test 1

Lights Out

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f2.8 Test 1

They see everything yet understand nothing. They just lay in shallow pools of their own piss and tremble like crackhead spawn going through cold turkey.  A vast mosaic of morons being chewed up by the lens and spat on to what once was a great idea.  We need a new enlightenment.


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Tree 3
I took a stroll with the evening sun
To find the root of restlessness
From it grew a twisted life
Too tortured to confess
For strife was in its nature
Reflected in its growth
Still reaching for the heavens
Still abiding by the oath
That life: is life
No matter shape or form
Looking for beauty in the hopes
From which it was violently torn

Focus Test 3

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T4 GIF Ap Test 1

Focus Test 2

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T3 GIF Test 1

Focus Test 1

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GIF Ap Test 2

Six apertures.

Blossom (Animation Test 1)

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Ani Test 6

From a murder and the pack, the raven and the wolf make their way.

Saving Faces

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Pride, honour and saving face are all rooted in the ego. Out of the three I have conserved a certain sense of honour. Whether it be through my work or certain aspects of my behaviour. Honour is simply a set of rules that you live by and as long as you chose those rules I can go with it.
However being proud of something because you are in some way connected to it is really just a form of narcissism and saving face when scandal comes your way is simply trying to cover up the truth. I chose to detach myself from that way of thinking many years ago as both make us blind to reality in different ways.

So why the title? I hear you think.

Well, at the beginning of the year I picked up a second camera for stills and safety shots when shooting video. I’ve been testing it out in various ways, one of which has been taking people’s portraits to test lighting, depth of field and put an online portfolio together. The portfolio is so I have something to send people who want a gun for hire for events but the portrait testing has sprouted wings and become a little something of it’s own. What was originally supposed to be a dozen portraits has now reached 25 faces and is growing. These faces are from different backgrounds, gender and age and are slowly building a mosaic representing the fibre of Hong Kong’s society. Each person simply comes as they are, takes a seat and I take 10 to 30 shots of them. Some stay for 30 mins, others stay for a couple of hours and once they are gone I save their faces for the record.