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In His Image

Posted in Visual Art, Writing with tags , , , , on 15/12/2017 by GeoSolus

Iris V1 PNG

She said
Be more, be better
Aspire to inspire
With line and with letter

Forever can form
In the dreams
In the hearts
If you mold their souls
And teach them your art

Election Night

Posted in Writing with tags , on 08/03/2012 by GeoSolus

The truth is unspoken by Heads or sideshows

Too busy running for seats at the show

The jokers and jesters amuse and confuse you

By telling you stories

You already know

Those thoughts are controlled

Tested by fire

Programmed and scheduled

To make the lie stick

Those puppets are dangled

To hold your attention

And maintain a status

With wordplay and tricks

The joy of the idiot

Belongs to the masses

Follow the mob

And push for a win

But if you don’t know

The story you’re backing

You are but a fool

Chanting misguided hymns


Posted in Writing with tags , on 09/02/2012 by GeoSolus

A shivering thought

That moment of deep realisation



In that instant

You’re awake

And all that surrounds you

Becomes immensely fragile

That’s Entertainment Baby

Posted in Writing with tags , on 27/01/2012 by GeoSolus

Watch them worship criminals, users and con artists

Wide eyed, mouths agape they find release

As the good guys lay dying

The bad guy is a smiling

We can all identify

No need to wash the blood off of our hands

We didn’t squeeze the trigger

We didn’t pull the knife

We just sat back and felt entertained

By all this loss of life

And we dance around the truth

While pretending to care

But it’s blood and hate and violence

That we really want to share

The Narcissist

Posted in Writing with tags , on 22/01/2012 by GeoSolus

Self obsessed and often depressed

Your inner sanctum is what seems best

Your worldly conceptions orbit your ego

Your image of self is set, de facto

And the love you receive

Is perceived as a due

For every thought and action

Should be focused on you


Posted in Writing with tags , on 25/12/2011 by GeoSolus

This old heart doesn’t beat like it once did

It falters and doubts and regrets

This old heart doesn’t have the strength it once had

It’s rhythm now broken by distance and neglect

Pumping bad blood and an ancient poison

Lost in illusions, lost


The knot of old ways undone

For fun

For an instant to remember

Slowly forgotten

As life goes on


Posted in Writing with tags , , on 02/12/2011 by GeoSolus

The words have slipped

The vision’s blurred

The road once taken

Seems quite absurd

But through it all

I have to say

I couldn’t find another way

A Gentle Man

Posted in Writing with tags on 25/11/2011 by GeoSolus

There once was a time for fine drink and fisticuffs

When a man of honour knew when enough was enough

Where he would pitch up to fight for a principle or moral

And take to the base the plight of a quarrel

Now we have our bandits, no higher than a child

Without education and with a past on a file

Who escape all justice, in all sense of the terms

Be it boldly or widely, they escape like worms

And questions we ask, and answers we get

And over short moments we are sure to forget

That when there was code respected by all

No one felt big but no one felt small

A Bridge To Deception

Posted in Writing with tags , , on 16/11/2011 by GeoSolus

I took your call and talked with you

In to the middle of the night

Your voice had hope and diligence

While your tone remained uptight

All you wanted, came from me

Well you laid it out that way

A darkened dream wrapped the obscene

Manipulated coming days

Generation Y

Posted in Writing with tags , on 07/11/2011 by GeoSolus

This daughter sighs a hissing tone

A cutting reaction to what we have done

She may be a child but she is no fool

She knows those who follow those who rule

This son glares an icy stare

That chill down your spine just means that he cares

He may be a boy but he won’t be your tool

He knows roads of violence and tricks by old fools

For you it’s a puzzle

Their pieces don’t fit

For them you’re a problem

And you have to admit

You’ve made little effort

To even the plane

You just hold up your arms

And say it’s a shame