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An Introduction

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“I took a journey in the dark, with nothing but the voices of fallen angels to guide me.”

Weapon Of Choice

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Of Sound Mind

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Psychological Company

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Now I know some of you have read 22 Secrets while others have promised themselves to get around to it one day. Well Psy Co. is here to help out those of you who still sign their name with the letter X by making an audio version of the text.

I’ve spent the last few weeks working on the artwork and web design for this project which will also cross over in to the video version of 22 Secrets.  I also laid down the general purpose of Psychological Company (Psy-Co.). The project in itself is a vox solum audio log of stories and poetry related to Mirrors and Black Magic. You can expect adaptations of full texts as well as presentations of ideas that didn’t quite make the fold or went off in too much of a tangent to fit in to MABM’s global concept.

The first four releases will be adaptations and part of what I’m calling the Carnegie Stages of development. The Carnegie Stages in biology are the development from a single cell to the formation of the spine within mammals and the artwork that I’m publishing just now follows that way of thinking as we go from the single idea to the formation of the Book of Mirrors and Black Magic. This is the ground work, the spit balling and the long sleepless nights getting ideas to fit concepts and artwork to fit atmosphere. Where it will go form there only the great budget in the sky can tell.

BTM – The Resurrection Sequence

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Behind The Mask The Resurrection Sequence

BTM – Hold Your Tongue – WIP

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Behind The Mask Hold Your Tongue

BTM – The Lady In Red – WIP

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Behind The Mask Lady In Red

BTM – Blood For Gold – WIP

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Behind The Mask Golden Eyes

I use a mouse to do all of my digital art work and have it programmed to work at various speeds as well as having specific button programmed for specific tasks. This makes life easier and prevents cramps during long sessions. So when my old mouse had to get binned due to an unfortunate encounter with a tube of super glue, I put all heavy detail and shading work on hold and ordered a new one.

That’s it plugged in, programmed and I’m back on the artwork for Psy Co. (More details about that project later).


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Behind The Mask Before The Ribbon

A masquerade under the tyranny of manners. We hide our thoughts for fear of reprisal. We cloak the dagger and bide our time. I know this well but during my slumber you entered my mind and robbed me of my defences.

Piece of mind

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Piece Of MindYou hear but never listen…talk without having anything to say…so I put on a mask for you to look at and let my thoughts come out to play.