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The Question

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Within the reach of kings

Touched by the tainted

Fuelled by cult and obsession

The web of lies expands

Spinning in to oblivion

I thought of you

But you didn’t return the favour

Preferring to spin another lie

An obvious deception

Leaving me with the question

Where is the fruit I was promised?


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S!X V3 Test 2 800px Squared

The Hook

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Show me your all
The flesh and the soul
Your fears
Your goals
The life from within
The taste of your sins

Make me believe that you care
That you are willing to share
Every thought
Every act
With love in your eyes
And compassion in your heart
Then we can start

A beautiful journey.


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The tragic existence of me was playing on the hotel room TV screen. Each image reflecting a thought, each thought creating insomnia which in turn brought a certain disconnect from reality.

A reality that kicked back in when the TV signal cut and all that could be heard was the low vibrating hum of the air conditioning.

A Day Without The Killing Jar (First Draft)

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She whispered I love you with lips that had sucked a thousand cocks. She was a middle aged harlot and had been around the block more than a few times but had somehow retained a certain sense of romance. So much of her had been broken by rough penetration and verbal put downs yet there was still a place in her heart that could help her say I love you and mean it.
As the years of her youth had gone by she had held on to those three words. Saving them for better times in a nicer part of life. A secret that she held tight along with the promise that the day they slipped from her lips she would have made it out of hell.
Hell, however, has it’s ways and as the flesh aged the words slipped out in a moment of desperation and reached the ears of a fallen angel with a taste for all that is broken.
Upon hearing the words he went limp and she felt the weight of his body and woe as he gurgled: “I am so, so, sorry!”
She felt his tears mingle with sweat and the fumes of alcohol. A hot and cold sensation running from her cheek to her ear as she lay there longing to be safe and forget everything she had ever experienced.

The Ode

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A magician and his mistress

A mistress and her maids

Turn mystery to knowledge

So that nature may be saved

The Silent E

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S!X Basic

Our joys are simple. The material should not become our reason. Our faith should not become our laws. Just breathe and exist.