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Into The Flesh – Day 15

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“There was a wedding. You were seated at the back watching the ceremony when it came to the moment of reckoning. A man steps up to the microphone and asks if anyone objects to this union while the groom stares at the bride who is staring at you and a woman on your left whispers: don’t say anything.’

‘What’s the strangest thing to have happened to you?’

‘Shit! I’ve had a few of them. I had a body swap once.’

‘A body swap?’

‘I went to bed with one woman and woke up with another.’

‘Were drugs involved or are you speaking metaphorically?’

‘I mean: I went to bed with one woman and when I woke up there was a different one next to me. Similar in looks but another person entirely.’

‘Where were you when this happened?’

‘I was at the apartment of the woman I went to bed with.’

‘Were you involved with this woman in some way or was this some one night stand?’

‘We were supposed to be very much involved.’

‘Okay, let me get this straight. You went to bed with a woman at her place. She got up and another woman took her her place while you were asleep?’

‘You nailed it Sherlock!’


‘Fuck knows!’

‘What did you do once you realised?’

‘Well that’s the thing. I didn’t realise until after the fact. The room was dimly lit and frankly when you go to bed with someone, well, that’s who you expect to be waking up next to.’

‘So, how did you come to the realisation that it wasn’t the same woman?’

‘Well that’s where it gets stranger. I was getting the train in to town years later when two guys approach me and one of them says: ‘You sodomised my girlfriend.’

‘How did you react to that?’

‘I told him that I usually just shake hands then went to move on but he wasn’t finished. He then tells me that she had an abortion and I inform him that unless she pinched off a three kilo turd that it has nothing to do with me but still he hasn’t finished. Turns out that he is speaking for the guy next to him and that the guy is thinking of settling down with this lass and wants my advice.’

‘Erm, what the hell?’

‘I know, I just told him to go with his heart and got my move on.’

‘Hold on, how do you know that this all connected?’

‘I know but that is all that I am willing to share.’

‘Okay, and that is that then?’


‘What now?’

‘Well, there have been moments in life where I wiped the slate clean and started over but this time is different. I’m giving you the slate and I am walking away. Do with it what you will but always remember that it is no longer a part of me.”

Cold Comforts

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Disregard the surrounding chaos

Just focus on those mischievous eyes

There is a plan behind them

Where grey and white is all that matters

Where sparks bridge the void

With all the duality of an oculus

A third eye peers out from deep inside

Reaching and receiving in equal measures

Beyond the actions and reactions of feelings

And their poor judgement

Third Time A Charm

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Third Sequence Layout

Somewhere between
A dream and a drug
Both real and surreal

Divided by thought
United by paths
The impact was inevitable

The shattered minds
The broken souls
Must heal together

There is no other
Option or choice
Within destiny or fate

Together we breath
Together we bleed
Together we die


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AMG Test 8
A soul searcher
Of little experience
Still looking for a way
Out of the cocoon

Is this a test?
The mind wonders
Into questions
And the answers
With the process

The Key

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Lost heart
Far from home
From boy to man
He walked alone
Losing his way
On forsaken roads
He still had his mind
To lighten the load
The arms of a girl
Made him her boy
Now just a memory
Still a simple joy
Stopping the animal
Inside the man
Ripping apart
His ideals
His plans

Invocation – WIP

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Invocation WIP 1

Some more animation in the works.

BTM – Alone

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Behind The Mask Alone

These cycles are all we understand for they reflect our births, lives and departures from existence. We love and burn each counted breath knowing that one final exhalation will carry us on that final journey we fear yet must learn to embrace to be able to overcome the pangs of rebirth.


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Behind The Mask Before The Ribbon

A masquerade under the tyranny of manners. We hide our thoughts for fear of reprisal. We cloak the dagger and bide our time. I know this well but during my slumber you entered my mind and robbed me of my defences.