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Under A Pale Horse

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 24/03/2019 by GeoSolus

Looking back
Walking back
Is not a way
To get ahead

Bye! Gone!
Be gone
Take the way
That once was set

You know the rules
The principles
That always held you fast
Any deviation from the path
Will just start digging up the past

You made too many enemies
And lost too many friends
To let the shallows that surround you
Bring you to your end

So turn around
And break the sound
Of childish
Little cunts

They are the plague
Bringers of rage
The scum
Of all the runts

Disdain is their destiny
Dish it to them cold
With intellect
The retrospect
Will have them bought and sold

Leave them with a silence
That shows what they deserve
As the future of humanity
Is the only thing you serve


Saddle Up

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , , , on 25/01/2019 by GeoSolus

He’s dangerous
So they say
He’s going to get you
When you should really pray
For reality
Is not what it seems
The truth hurts
Than floating in a dream

His touch
Will taint
The tips of his fingers
Will paint
An image of your desires
And the fire
Will consume your nights
Your daze
Will graze
In the pastures
Of who you really are

Where To From Here

Posted in Music, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 18/07/2018 by GeoSolus

The storm has passed
For now
We managed to survive
After all the ups and downs
Feeling like we drowned
We found each others arms
But how?

The silence that prevails
Is dear
We somehow overcame
The fear
After all the tears and loss
We left behind what once was
Now we wonder where to go
From here

The Destructive Masses

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , on 30/01/2018 by GeoSolus

Jacked in to a system
Once a universal mind
Corrupted by short sightedness
Misleading the blind

What was once a weave
Of hopes and thoughts
Now dim witted and absurd
A chaotic mix of morons
And the mentally disturbed

The scar tissue on intellect
Inflicted by their fear
Is all that’s left
Of what once was
Before the great mind


Posted in Writing with tags , , , on 17/03/2017 by GeoSolus

Watch the dead before the bombs
Before the blood seeped from their souls
Before the walls, the tears…
The fall of Empire
Watch and feel the swell inside
It’s just a ride

It’s just a ride.

Stage I – The Reflex

Posted in Writing with tags , , , on 20/02/2016 by GeoSolus

Electric current surges through a finely dosed saline solution to send signals from the outside in and from the inside out. It surges through nerves that root down into the flesh, weaving through bone and gripping each and every sinew. It is the bridge between mind and matter uniting the automated movement with the thought out process. It reacts before the thought yet can be programmed by the mind to react. A process that gives instinct a cognitive nature.


Posted in Writing with tags , , , on 05/09/2014 by GeoSolus

You can touch a machine and access a whole new world but the longer you spend in this world, the more detached you will become from the physical.

Over time it is you who will be the one being accessed and integrated in to an ever expanding program.

Your personality will change to fit the format. Your ideas will be given to you from the Network and your sense of self will pivot upon your online status.

Judgement and Justice will depend on popularity within the stream.

Lovers will make and break their promises through binary code while masturbating to each other’s pixelated image.

Children will follow the dogmas of the great white advertising space that powers the machine and all will be unity.


So please hit: ENTER


Your Chariot awaits.