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The Coin

Posted in Diary, Writing with tags , , on 18/04/2018 by GeoSolus

Going to an audition for a short film this evening so I thought I’d write up my own piece for the part of a banker/serial killer.

“People spend their lives chasing a coin. They see it as the be all and end all to existence but the reality is that this coin is a means to power.
People can be bought and sold and I have yet to come across anyone who doesn’t have a price tag. Their beliefs, ethics and morals can all be modified or eliminated. Just pick the right number and they belong to you.
Now you see, once you understand this, you understand the power you can have over life itself. You can control what is most precious and as they chase the coin you will have the ultimate power over them.
That ultimate power of course is having the ability to take a life and simply walk away.”



The Silhoutte

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Ani Test 5First learn the form. Those outlines of a being filled in black when set against the azure of sky. Over time these cut outs will tell you all before colour fills in the details.


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A different kind of music for a new kind of magic.
An air of mystery wrapped in such familiarity.
A feeling woven in to the unknown.
A story written by lucid dreams becoming real over time.
It is these mental projections that keep you ahead of the curve.


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I lost a child along this way
All too fast, too soon
I’m still haunted to this day
But there was no other way
The choice was not in my hands
My pleas were ignored
My word discredited
And the killer did not live to regret it
Yet she lived

I’ve walked this Earth with a broken heart
Before I got the chance to become a man
I don’t expect you to understand
And I won’t let you care
It’s been too long
And I’m too far gone
I’ll just dance with the devil
Until he cries out in despair
And begs me to forgive.

Para Bellum

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He was a warrior who fought silent wars within the realms of peace.

Dark nights with razor blades and slow poisons had created a disdain for humanity within him.

He felt like a demon as he prowled the populace with a smile, tracking the victims to be of some high profile demagogues.

His task was to keep certain hands clean, to be the tool of hidden agendas and the fate of the unwitting.

Fools who had crossed swords with the unspoken rules of engagement.


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Watch the dead before the bombs
Before the blood seeped from their souls
Before the walls, the tears…
The fall of Empire
Watch and feel the swell inside
It’s just a ride

It’s just a ride.

The Root

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“Gripping to Mother in order to grow. She is the rock and the foundation of our existence upon whom we can reach for the stars.”

Zhi Jing