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By The Horns

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Certain acts make redemption impossible and I have experienced many of those acts. The guilty walk away unpunished, the victims are labelled suspect and life continues with a bag of delusions in order to not have to face reality.
As a child I was introduced to the mysteries of the world and the great unspoken truths. I saw the world of Man in all of its ugliness and impurity. I witnessed the great divide between justice and law. Between action and word. The lies of so called Godly people who continuously deceive, steal, torture, rape and murder. For you see: The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled off was making you believe that there is a God.



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We play a dangerous game
Not for the gains
But because death is a certainty
Whether we play or refrain…

The Alliance

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She took a band of gold
And placed it on her skin
Wished for sweet forever
To the high notes of a hymn

A song for all those lovebirds
With a light spring in their step
Hope bursting in their hearts
And a promise to be kept

But time saw the gold vanish
And sorrow in the song
A discord in the romance
A fissure in the strong

Hope soon turned cold
As hunger slowly grew
And love no longer felt
That she could remain true

So she took some printed paper
And placed it in her heart
Crisp, new and shiny
The promise fell apart

And time saw her youth vanish
Like a dead fish in the sun
Dried out and fading slowly
Still wishing for the one

A Letter

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Dear stranger,

There is tragedy in my eyes. It has all been too much. The cracks are spewing out the remnants of my emotions and the process is not without pain. I have no idea where to go to from here. I have hoped and I have battled but life doesn’t want me nor does it want to let me go. I am trapped in a hell that is not of my construction and I ask of you one favour: Do not try to release me but learn from my requiem. Walk with nature and breathe as it is the only hope you can give me.



Saddle Up

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He’s dangerous
So they say
He’s going to get you
When you should really pray
For reality
Is not what it seems
The truth hurts
Than floating in a dream

His touch
Will taint
The tips of his fingers
Will paint
An image of your desires
And the fire
Will consume your nights
Your daze
Will graze
In the pastures
Of who you really are


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Little Miss
A gain for again
Sometimes for fun
Sometimes for friends
This luxury needs
A counting
Of woes
Defining acts
Like murderous blows
The victims
By forces unseen
Their glorious gore
A feast for a queen
Who bathes in the blood
And the sweat
And the tears
Of those who gave all
In their most tender years
And they lay
In the dark
In the cold
Out of sight
As little Miss takes
A bow for the lights


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In Bloom Stamped

You opened the gate
Cut from the race
I picked up the blade
Severed from grace
All those tethers
Bound by feeling
The emptiness
Of your presence

No more goodbyes
The last of those ties
And the free man returns
To the way
Of his word