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Empire Squared
Let me borrow your smile
While I cruise through this reality
Where nerves and circuits intertwine
Electric minds
In search of the divine
So close
Yet somehow
Pass each other by


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I realise
Been through a lot
Let me add to your troubles

You really must
Used to it now
Let me pour you a double


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A conflictual nature
With burning eyes
Burning a hole
Through the lies
The deceit
The multiple tries
That squirm
Away from truth

You are weak
You are broken
You are choking
On the failures
That make you
Who you are

I am strong
I am fearless
I will never digress
To the low life levels
That make you
Who you are

The throb of the sting
That is felt inside
Share the pain
Force them to decide
To retreat
Or set aside
The fiction
From the truth

A Man And His Shadow

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I am the wolf
Elusive and wild
Watching you
Watch me
As I approach
From the cold
Fire on my breath
Hell in my heart
Pumping blood
Like a raging river

I know no forgiveness

Nature made me
What I am
Now I return
The favour
With sharpened wits
Tempered thoughts
I devour
The forgiver


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There was no escape
Too young
Too weak
Trapped by circumstance
From birth
We seek
A way out
A way forward
A reason to be
More than they make us
More than they see

These fractures now mended
These bones won’t comply
To the rules of another
Who won’t even try
A change of perspective
Or a thought
For the hurt
That veils you in darkness
As you rise from the dirt

All the words from love lost
Become swords over time
As you bare out your chest
To cut out their crimes
And the mind becomes static
Charged with a sense
A purpose and reason
That demands they repent


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Beaten down
Knocked around
Always made out
As a clown
Until tears of blood
Are shed no more

Suck it up
Move around
Searching for
More fertile ground
or some way
To even scores

Every scar a memory
A reason for revenge
Don’t pretend

The ricochet
Will come your way
Hate will make it’s stay
Until the blood
Is shed

Hold it in
A little longer
Think the anger
Makes you stronger
Until all love
Is dead

The child is gone
Not yet a man
Can you survive?
Of course you can
But what will you become?

Creating a character

Posted in Music, Video, Writing with tags on 20/06/2010 by GeoSolus

To create an interesting work of fiction you need to have interesting characters. I tend to turn towards psychology for this. First I think up the character, what they look like, how they behave, what they do day-to-day. Then I look in to what may have happened to them growing up to make them the way they are. I do this most often for personal reference rather than part of the story. It helps to keep the character in character.

Today I would like to introduce you to Simon Ryzar. He is a squirm always running away from something mentally or physically while trying to meet his own ends. My first thoughts on him were set down with the Heartbeat Enigma. As the title suggests you will have to find answers by yourself as it remains the vague outlines of a mind and is open to interpretation.

The character becomes clearer with the short film The Ryzar Vernacular where he tries to cover his tracks after internal investigations and more sinister forces start looking his way. Simon is a detective with a near two decade career in the Scottish police force. I wouldn’t describe him as a bad cop, just not a very good one. Having found himself out of his depths on several cases he made a few blunders that could cost him his job along with the jobs of a few of his colleagues. The whole point to this man is that he is just a man trying to get by in his own way. This allows me to open up questions about what motivates a person to act, how far they are willing to push that act and what effect this has on their mind afterwards.

The name Simon Ryzar originates from two very different areas. I chose Simon because of the old primary school game: Simon says, when someone shouts out Simon says put your hands on your head, all the children have to do so as quickly as possible.  Ryzar comes from a musical influence. Trent Reznor, the founder of the band Nine Inch Nails has been a very strong influence in my way of creating music. I have also spent many an hour writing with his music playing and I felt that it’s mood had slipt in to alot of my stories. Especially the stories of Simon Ryzar. So I changed a few letters as the character is not based on the musician at all but is inspired by the sound of NIN and so Reznor became Ryzar.

Once you have a face, a name and a personality the stories almost build themselves. You can look at day-to-day life and ask yourself what your character would do if they were there. Your character drives the plot so you have to make sure they are in the right vehicle.

You shall be able to discover more of Simon Ryzar before the year is out. The Ryzar Vernacular shall be streaming online as soon as I have finished the intro and cleaned up the sound. It will also be part of the DVD to go in the Mirrors And Black Magic project. He is also present within four short stories that are part of the same project.

Meanwhile you can listen to and download Ryzar’s dreams on Bandcamp and revebnation