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A Taste In The Air

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Into The Flesh – Day 04

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“What if tomorrow never comes? Have you found enough peace in your mind to leave today behind with a smile?’

‘What does Carpe Diem make you feel?’

‘Pain with a point.’

‘Why pain?’

‘Making the most of the moment is only good if you take in to account repercussions. Even if you just want to go out with a bang there are repercussions, you just won’t be around to witness them.’

‘Have you caused pain to yourself or others by living the moment?’

‘Sure, but I’ve always been one to take responsibility for my actions and expect others to do the same. Even as a kid I was ready to stand up and be counted if I had messed up but over the years I realised that it is not a very common trait among my fellow humans. Some hurt for fun, some through ignorance and others don’t care as long as they come out on top.’

‘So the pain is what you have observed others inflict?’

‘Mainly yeah. I’ve also had to take the brunt of their actions more times than I care to mention.’

‘Maybe you could mention one?’

‘Well I dated this girl for a while who followed her whims as much as she possibly could. She’d go where she wanted to, when she wanted to and with whom she wanted to. That didn’t bother me as I place a lot of importance on freedom and don’t want anyone close to me who doesn’t want to be there. However, if you commit to a relationship then honesty and faithfulness are primordial.

‘So this girl was dishonest and a cheat?’

‘She cheated once and was honest about it. She told me the next day and we stayed together but I did take a certain emotional distance from that point on. Probably better that way as she could be a bit of a flirt and a real tease.’

‘She would flirt with other guys?’

‘No, she would do it to me, get me all warmed up and ready to go then announce that she was going to sleep. I don’t know if you’ve had blue balls but it’s not the best way to end the night.’

‘That must have been frustrating. Did she do that often?’

‘She wouldn’t do it for long enough for me not to expect it when she did. I think it amused her.’

‘How did you two get along on an emotional level?’

‘We were close but we did disagree a lot. She was stubborn and would go with her feelings and I’m hard headed when it comes to what I know. She would run on her emotions and let her feelings guide her whereas I look for truth no matter how much that truth may hurt. In a way we completed one another as we were honest about how we felt but we never really found a way to communicate our worldly thoughts.’

‘Why was that?’

‘Background, upbringing, differing cultures. She understood the young lad who stood before her in many ways but she could never really grasp how the world had forged him with harsh realities. She had a gentle and caring nature and I loved her for that but when she went to stand her ground, well, she was venturing in to unknown territory and overlooked my experience and knowledge of how to navigate through the dark side of existence. Caring is important but without understanding an emotional distance sets in.’

‘Maybe she wanted to protect you?’

‘You can’t protect what you don’t understand.’

‘Mmm, I’ll need to ponder this notion. Let’s pick up on it tomorrow.’


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We sat at the piano

Side by side, you and I

The metronome ticking

To keep me in time

The left hand path

At the tips of my fingers

A focus on rhythm

A root for the singer

Who sat there in silence

While learning to lead

As you lay down the melody

Thus planting the seed

Crimson Heart

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A deep dark red
A lick of the flame
A shimmering highlight
For an emerald gaze

This lady stands
This lady waits
While still emotions
Compose her pale traits

And in those eyes
That pierce through the haze
A distant hint of tragedy
Is framed by the blaze

V Empire

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Empire Squared
Let me borrow your smile
While I cruise through this reality
Where nerves and circuits intertwine
Electric minds
In search of the divine
So close
Yet somehow
Pass each other by

Selective Nature

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Silence prevailed as images flashed behind closed eyes. Painted characters in constant evolution went from one mood to another at the stroke of a brush. His mind was a canvas and his will was the guiding hand mingling dreams with memories to create a new sense of freedom. A choice was on the horizon but the wish and the will were still divided.

The Temperate Flush

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The throne of infancy
Between her thighs
Where the sands of time
Become pearls

All the wealth in the world
Still cannot buy
The most precious of gifts
From a girl

She may have grace
And an elegant pace
All the teachings
Of a social caste

But a mother she knows
What will break
What will flow
With a love that will always hold fast

So be wary my friend
Not all sexual ends
Will bring you what matters the most
The conception is fast
But the love will not last
Unless a mother
Is the chosen host


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CV Test 1


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Watch the dead before the bombs
Before the blood seeped from their souls
Before the walls, the tears…
The fall of Empire
Watch and feel the swell inside
It’s just a ride

It’s just a ride.

BTM – The Lady In Red – WIP

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Behind The Mask Lady In Red