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We sat at the piano

Side by side, you and I

The metronome ticking

To keep me in time

The left hand path

At the tips of my fingers

A focus on rhythm

A root for the singer

Who sat there in silence

While learning to lead

As you lay down the melody

Thus planting the seed

Crimson Heart

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A deep dark red
A lick of the flame
A shimmering highlight
For an emerald gaze

This lady stands
This lady waits
While still emotions
Compose her pale traits

And in those eyes
That pierce through the haze
A distant hint of tragedy
Is framed by the blaze

V Empire

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Empire Squared
Let me borrow your smile
While I cruise through this reality
Where nerves and circuits intertwine
Electric minds
In search of the divine
So close
Yet somehow
Pass each other by

Selective Nature

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Silence prevailed as images flashed behind closed eyes. Painted characters in constant evolution went from one mood to another at the stroke of a brush. His mind was a canvas and his will was the guiding hand mingling dreams with memories to create a new sense of freedom. A choice was on the horizon but the wish and the will were still divided.

The Temperate Flush

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The throne of infancy
Between her thighs
Where the sands of time
Become pearls

All the wealth in the world
Still cannot buy
The most precious of gifts
From a girl

She may have grace
And an elegant pace
All the teachings
Of a social caste

But a mother she knows
What will break
What will flow
With a love that will always hold fast

So be wary my friend
Not all sexual ends
Will bring you what matters the most
The conception is fast
But the love will not last
Unless a mother
Is the chosen host


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CV Test 1


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Watch the dead before the bombs
Before the blood seeped from their souls
Before the walls, the tears…
The fall of Empire
Watch and feel the swell inside
It’s just a ride

It’s just a ride.

BTM – The Lady In Red – WIP

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Behind The Mask Lady In Red

Point Of Origin – Study 1

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Point Of Origin - Study 1