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Five Points of Perception

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Five Points Of Perception

Stage I – The Void

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The most of everything is nothing. Charges and cores spin in the void to make all that matters. The rest has neither light, nor sound nor meaning. Yet this big empty makes up the majority of all we will ever know. It is omnipresent and the canvas upon which all that exists is painted.

Stage I – The Reflex

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Electric current surges through a finely dosed saline solution to send signals from the outside in and from the inside out. It surges through nerves that root down into the flesh, weaving through bone and gripping each and every sinew. It is the bridge between mind and matter uniting the automated movement with the thought out process. It reacts before the thought yet can be programmed by the mind to react. A process that gives instinct a cognitive nature.

Stage I – The Cognitive Act

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The senses record the waves and their variations for the brain to assimilate. Each variation is a new experience registered for future reference to help speed up the process of interaction should a similar experience occur.
The mind stores and interprets data as it is received to help fine tune instinct and help prepare the being for future encounters. It is blind to the world and dependent on the senses to keep it aware of the surrounding environment but it has the ability to restructure information and define the limitations of both its dependency and of the senses upon which it is dependent. The mind is thus capable of overriding the senses and pushing the being to actions that defy both instinct and perceived reality.

Stage I – The Instinct

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The water breaks, the flesh starts to compress and the struggle begins. There is only one way out and instinct pushes the new flesh in that direction. Soon the senses will be put into shock as the first breath of oxygen is inhaled. Blinded by the light, the first scent hits and every sound is deafeningly clear. Tiny fingers grasp the air searching for a soft breast and the warm comfort of mother’s milk. Genetic code guides as experience is absent and the strange new environment is yet to be understood.

Stage I: The Flesh

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First came the divide. A split of one unique cell containing all the information required to build a being of flesh and blood. A divide that would set in motion a chain reaction of divisions all held within the wet warmth of the host and provider of that first unique cell.
The divide was set in motion by the intertwining of flesh. The push of sinew, gorging on blood, thrusting and interlacing until bodily fluids merged with the will to perpetrate the species. A species united to divide and divided to exist.
From flesh we become flesh through the division of the cell. Floating in the waters of the mother’s womb we are programmed to tear ourselves apart in order to evolve. We must break without falling to pieces. Let the ever dividing cells mutate until we have features, fingers and eyes born unto darkness. It is the cycle of life and the root of our perception.