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Of Crime And Passion

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There needs to be more than a spark to start a fire for the flame needs fuel. Now the fuel you choose could become a blaze that consumes you or one that keeps you warm when the world turns cold. The right choice lays in the why you desire the flame in the first place.



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Tempered temper
I walk away
Leaving you
With your absent god

I kept my word
I always do
For no one forgives
One with no lord


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Memories in lights
Defined by shadows
Those city streets
Where only few go

Where solace is found
Far from the crowds
A haven of silence
Where dreams find their flow

A light burning bright
Late in to the night
Shining down
On fingers and keys

An opening door
For the soul to explore
Where dreams are refined
Before they’re set free

In His Image

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Iris V1 PNG

She said
Be more, be better
Aspire to inspire
With line and with letter

Forever can form
In the dreams
In the hearts
If you mold their souls
And teach them your art


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Draw a pattern in the sand
Then wait for the tide
Let the waves wash away
All that’s felt deep inside
Then walk

Walk off the thoughts
The lessons you learned
The yearning for something
You feel like you earned
For nothing is due
And nothing is just
And nothing is all
You leave in the dust

So dig in your fingers
And pull out the pain
Let the waves wash you clean
And embrace what remains
For all that is left
Holds all you can be
As those lines in the sand
Drift far out to sea


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Eye Test 1

I am the beholder
I know beauty lies
Between perception
And emotional ties

With war paint for bad skin
A knife for the flesh
A filter for photos
And a hand to the chest

To hide the glass heart
With low self esteem
The hideous child
Who wants to be queen

Yet under the artifice
That face of a clone
Is a broken human
Empty and alone

Primal Tool

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Plume Silo

A long shining black feather floated down from the heavens as the bard strolled in to a clearance in the ancient forest. He watched it sway and gently land on deep green grass as he approached with a casual strut. Picking it up he examined it quickly from left to right then dug deep in to his pocket, pulled out a small knife and sliced a nib in to the shaft. Then, holding it aloft he said:

“With you I shall write about your greatest adventure!”