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They took everything from me

Yet I have you

An image

And for some that would be

A new religion

Just Jade

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Green is the colour

Of the leaf that breathes

Of the fields that feed

Of a man at war

With envy and greed

Green is the colour

Of the letters XIII

A number it seems

One that redeems

In these times of need

Green is the colour

At the heart of the stone

Once blue and alone

Now refined and atoned

And ready to lead


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When the lights go out

I’m on your side

Sculpting the dark

In our favour

For I am the one

The monsters fear

I am the one

Who will not waver

Into The Flesh – Day 03

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“Don’t push too hard for trauma can leave scars so deep within the psyche that the once wounded may not even realise that they have healed. Their only feeling may be that of the divide created by those old wounds.’

‘Would you like a drink?’

‘Sure, what have you got?’

‘Tea, coffee, something a bit stronger?’

‘You got any whiskey?’

‘I sure do.’

‘Large, no ice, you can leave the bottle.’

‘Okay, mind if I join you?’

‘It would be rude not to.’

‘So, do you like a good party?’

‘A good one, yeah.’

‘How would you define a good party?’

‘The right company, the right number of people, some good tunes and the right amount of alcohol to lubricate the mind.’

‘Could you tell me about your first good party?’

‘Oh, sure, well I grew up with parties so when I reached my mid to late teens I started throwing my own. I can’t recall the first one we had as we had many during those years and it was often the same group of people who were there. I always kept the number to around ten so that we could all sit around the same table. I would have the music fairly loud but in a separate room so it could seep in without overpowering conversation. Then I made sure that everyone was well fed and left to drink at their own rhythm and the magic was there with that simple recipe.’

‘So you were quite the social animal.’

‘Around the right crowd I could relax and have fun yeah.’

‘Not any more?’

‘Not in the same way no.’

‘Did you get tired of the party life?’

‘A little bit yeah, I still like to let loose now and again but with a bit more restraint.’

‘Older and wiser?’

‘Definitely older.’

‘Tell me about the times without restraint. You said you would drink with friends, listen to music and chat. That doesn’t strike me as being wild or needing taming.’

‘I suppose you’re right.’

‘You don’t think that at all. What did you get up to?’

‘Ha, okay, well a bunch of boys full of booze and hormones tend to get wild. We were no exception to the rule.

Although nobody got hurt on my watch.’

‘Boys only?’

‘Girls were welcome as long as they kicked back like the lads.’

‘How did the lads kick back?’

‘Well, they could hold their booze, were able to laugh and joke about anything and everything and they could take a good wise crack on the chin as well as dish them out.’

‘That requires a certain amount of self control.’

‘It doesn’t feel that way when it is your nature. Our parties were more about enjoying a moment of freedom around people with whom we felt comfortable.’

‘An escape?’

‘A moment of respite.’

‘And not many girls managed to fit in to that mould?’

‘You always like to bring it back to the ladies don’t you.’

‘I do want to have a better understanding of your rapport with women yes.’

‘Okay, well, boys and girls behave differently when mixed in a group. It is mainly down to hormones and at a young age the sexual urges mixed with a general lack of experience tend to make people awkward and even clumsy. The boys want to blow their load when given half a chance while the girls want to pick a prize bull out of the raging hormones so that they can get their end away.’

‘You make it sound very animalistic.’

‘That’s because we are animals. There is no point in being in denial. I like my mind and body to go in tandem and not fight against each other. The flesh can have its urges at times when the mind would rather seek other pursuits so a balance must be found.’

‘How do you find this balance?’

‘The balance depends on who you share your body and mind with. It is of the realms of codependency. Finding someone who satisfies the physical side of your urges is part of it but the mental side has to be in tune as well and of course this is a vice versa situation. You need them as much as they need you. Find that and you find balance.’

‘So, have you found this balance?’

‘Only at fleeting moments.’

‘Could you tell me about one of those fleeting moments?’

‘Mmm, maybe tomorrow.”

The Longest Night

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Possible answers

To unanswered questions

Pondered deep in to the night

As all the ghosts

From moments past

Taint the views

Of second sight

What is to come?

Already written?

The spirits whisper

Have no fear

For in the end

A life worth living

Cannot be shed

By a single tear

To The Bone

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The Divine Sleeper Test 20

The Divine Sleeper

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The Divine Sleeper Test 01
Born with the bombs
That blew apart
Our civilized unions
And broke our fragile hearts

These streets run red
In all of the confusion
Just more collateral
A blood to concrete perfusion

For the divine
Sleeper’s dream
It is but a warning
A silent war of thoughts
A tempestuous brain storming

Decisions clouded over
This dire reign of greed
Tapping failing veins
To gloat rather than feed

A price you never paid
A debt that you created
Always paid in full
By those that you sedated

With chemical and cult
You pierced
And then you pried
Until their cerebral cortex
Was washed
Then hung out to dry

For the divine
Sleeper’s dream
No need to pay them heed
For you will never suffer
For you will never bleed

Zhi Jing W.I.P.

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04 - W

We build our machines with the hope that they will excel where we have failed.


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Little Miss
A gain for again
Sometimes for fun
Sometimes for friends
This luxury needs
A counting
Of woes
Defining acts
Like murderous blows
The victims
By forces unseen
Their glorious gore
A feast for a queen
Who bathes in the blood
And the sweat
And the tears
Of those who gave all
In their most tender years
And they lay
In the dark
In the cold
Out of sight
As little Miss takes
A bow for the lights

Once Bitten

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Don’t shy away
From what you are
It’s fundamental
To perception

What we see
Is who you are
And yet that may be
Pure deception

Every word
You vocalize
May be a lie
May beg the question

Are you
Who you think you are
Or are you just
A pale reflexion

Of what was taught
Of what was told
Sponged up
In your infancy

Are you a tool
A simple fool
Denying your will
To be free…