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Find what defines you and you will know the way.


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AWake Dreamer 2I never fear for you
You are too strong
And inspire a desire
I haven’t felt in so long
But I look out just the same
As I know the world and its games
And I want you to shine
Like you do
And I want you to shine
Beyond anything I could imagine

As Above

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She lay her eyes upon an image of the heavens at night and said: “I do not recognise any of these constellations.” To which came the reply: “That is because you have spent your life staring at the wrong stars.”As Above

From Afar

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You don’t see you
The way I do
The lines you draw
When you close your eyes
The curve of your spine
When you reach deep inside
The corners of your lips
That are almost a smile
That is the magic
That is you
That is the magic
Of which you are now aware


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We play a dangerous game
Not for the gains
But because death is a certainty
Whether we play or refrain…

The Slow Burn

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A question, a quib
And a misty eyed lady
Wanting straight answers
And getting a maybe

A tango of words
A side step, a charm
He understands hurt
But means her no harm

A mingle of manners
A mystic charade
Where one wants to touch
What the other can’t save

The lost and the found
Exchange their position
As a deep sense of duty
Meets a mind on a mission

The 23rd

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Barely more than children
Discovering secrets
Those emotions
Under skin
A revealing shiver
Shining eyes
An intimate breath shared
An innocence discovered
Thoughts lost in the other
A new secret comes in to being
With a promise made

Dancing With Ghosts

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This trauma taunts
The wish and the will
As the wall
Starts to fall
In silence
They’re still
Ready or not
A hesitant touch
That moment is now
But it all feels too much
And the hurt cuts it short
As the old wounds still bleed
And they bow to the sorrow
So that anger can’t feed
And the silence returns
Quite different this time
As they both feel like victims
Of another’s dark crime
And the warmth turns quite cold
And a tear is held back
And regret and the longing
Almost feel like attacks
On a moment so perfect
Even time had to say:
You should not let the past
Darken the day

The Pact

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From a murder and the pack
They came
With hungry hearts
Embroidered on sleeves
Far too fierce to be tamed

One had an eye on the heavens
The other stalked for fresh prey
Together they found symbiosis
Together they conquered the fray

A Day Without The Killing Jar (First Draft)

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She whispered I love you with lips that had sucked a thousand cocks. She was a middle aged harlot and had been around the block more than a few times but had somehow retained a certain sense of romance. So much of her had been broken by rough penetration and verbal put downs yet there was still a place in her heart that could help her say I love you and mean it.
As the years of her youth had gone by she had held on to those three words. Saving them for better times in a nicer part of life. A secret that she held tight along with the promise that the day they slipped from her lips she would have made it out of hell.
Hell, however, has it’s ways and as the flesh aged the words slipped out in a moment of desperation and reached the ears of a fallen angel with a taste for all that is broken.
Upon hearing the words he went limp and she felt the weight of his body and woe as he gurgled: “I am so, so, sorry!”
She felt his tears mingle with sweat and the fumes of alcohol. A hot and cold sensation running from her cheek to her ear as she lay there longing to be safe and forget everything she had ever experienced.