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Cherry lips for snowy mountains

A rising sun as a kiss goodnight

Melting ice that feeds a fountain

A source that gives the gift of life

Close your eyes

I’ll find you there

Close you eyes

And we will share

Our private place of rest

Organic Orgasmic Origami

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Free fools

Three words

And paper cuts


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There was one. One who stood out from the rest. One who caught the inner eye and gently tied a little red thread around it. A pinky promise made in a realm beyond human understanding. Binding two souls who walked different roads, leading to different fates and yet somehow remained together. Feeling each other. Feeling that each step taken was a shortening of the thread. For the things they shared were larger than life. From a flower in a field to the forests, the oceans and the sky, from night to day, the celestial beings smiled and they smiled with them. Knowing that the other existed.

Thought Bubble

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Into The Flesh – Day 07

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“Raw nerves can become second nature. The twitching brought on by years of blows can become a still cold ready to erupt into a burst of extreme violence at the slightest physical contact. Tread lightly the closer you get and announce that you are coming before even thinking about taking a step.’

‘Is life important to you?’

‘Mine? Yours? In general?’

‘In general.’

‘A life worth living is important.’

‘What’s a life worth living.’

‘One where you achieve what you want without destroying others.’

‘Have you destroyed others?’

‘It’s always an option but never my intent.’

‘Is that a yes?’

‘Not that I’m aware of.’

‘Okay, I think a drink and maybe some background music is in order. Any objections?’

‘Go for it.’

‘Do you like Miles Davis?’

‘I prefer Coltrane.’

‘Coltrane it is. Whiskey?’

‘How about bourbon this time?’

‘Bourbon it is. Will that lighten up the mood?’

‘It will put me in a different one.’

‘One that will tell me what is chewing your brain?’


‘Then I guess we just drink and listen to the music.’

‘Sometimes it is the only way.’

Then The Shades

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She peered in to the devils eyes

And saw innocence

Her questions answered

With sincerity


That would sow a grain of change in her mind


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Find what defines you and you will know the way.


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AWake Dreamer 2I never fear for you
You are too strong
And inspire a desire
I haven’t felt in so long
But I look out just the same
As I know the world and its games
And I want you to shine
Like you do
And I want you to shine
Beyond anything I could imagine

As Above

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She lay her eyes upon an image of the heavens at night and said: “I do not recognise any of these constellations.” To which came the reply: “That is because you have spent your life staring at the wrong stars.”As Above

From Afar

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You don’t see you
The way I do
The lines you draw
When you close your eyes
The curve of your spine
When you reach deep inside
The corners of your lips
That are almost a smile
That is the magic
That is you
That is the magic
Of which you are now aware