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Would You?

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The Second Flame
She ventured deep in to the dark wood hunting for the hunter. The moon was high, the shadows silent but she could feel him approach with caution and hunger. He was watching from the dark, a glint in his eyes and curiosity on his mind. She appeared quite fearless so he let out a howl then fixed his stare upon her once more. She had turned to stare in to the void. The veil of night could not hide him any longer and they both wondered: Is this the moment of union or of sacrifice?



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Beaten down
Knocked around
Always made out
As a clown
Until tears of blood
Are shed no more

Suck it up
Move around
Searching for
More fertile ground
or some way
To even scores

Every scar a memory
A reason for revenge
Don’t pretend

The ricochet
Will come your way
Hate will make it’s stay
Until the blood
Is shed

Hold it in
A little longer
Think the anger
Makes you stronger
Until all love
Is dead

The child is gone
Not yet a man
Can you survive?
Of course you can
But what will you become?

The Third Line

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We’ve seen darker days
History haunts for a reason
But what has been learned?
The present cries
Pick and choose
Abuse another
With selective memory
This self deception
Creates a pattern
Destructive chaos
Immune to intellect
They protect
Such ignorance
These wilful idiots
Are destined to fall

A line is drawn
Where opposites merge
Divided only by a symbol
They gaze upon with awe
As their jaws rattle
Spout more ignorance
In a formula of lies
The depraved wish to rule
Both genius and fool
Through fist or doctrine
Or wealth
Yet the patterns are clear
Whatever you fear
Will take your life
In the end

The Exchange

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Reach in to the mind
A hunt for a former self
Eyes of steel cut
Dance a deadly dance
Upon the shores of sanity
One plus one will bring justice
In this moment of gravity
A breath short of a kiss
Recognition in those eyes
The time is near

The neurons spark
She rides the storm
Pushing aside
Unwanted past
Undeserved scorn
To find her prey asleep

A child
With heaving chest
Nightmares all around
Resting, restless
Cold sweat
Gleaming like a veil
His eyes open
His mind wonders
Am I what you seek?

She smiles
Acknowledging her prize
Reaching out her hand
Tears fill up his eyes
Curling up and weeping
He let’s go
And breathes his final sigh


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Write the letters
Find the song
Unspoken words
Healing the wrongs
Of days gone by

I missed the point
Of no return
The fork in the road
Where passions burn
And refuse to die

That’s where you stood
With heart on sleeve
Asking me
To just believe
And never question why

Knowledge! I said
Is all need
Whether I smile
Whether I bleed
I’ll hold you deep inside

Harlequin WIP

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Harlequin WIP

“Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?” He inquired

“No!” Replied the Jester, “You are just being born.”

The Mysteries

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AS GIF Speed 3

Symbolism, masks and verses dedicated to the theme of creation are all in the make up of The Mysteries. A face and a poem representing a journey through the realms of conception. Both the physical and the spiritual are presented as the idea formulates in the flesh to create a new being with its own journey to embark upon.

The Mysteries are the second step in workings of Mirrors and Black magic. More defined and refined than 22 Secrets but still abstract and open enough to leave air for the third and final step to breathe creatively.

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