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Harlequin WIP

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Harlequin WIP

“Is that a light at the end of the tunnel?” He inquired

“No!” Replied the Jester, “You are just being born.”

The Mysteries

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Symbolism, masks and verses dedicated to the theme of creation are all in the make up of The Mysteries. A face and a poem representing a journey through the realms of conception. Both the physical and the spiritual are presented as the idea formulates in the flesh to create a new being with its own journey to embark upon.

The Mysteries are the second step in workings of Mirrors and Black magic. More defined and refined than 22 Secrets but still abstract and open enough to leave air for the third and final step to breathe creatively.

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At One

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A child in the wild
A taste of salt and wet sand
He wanders alone
As a storm sweeps the land
A Western wind
Waves foaming at their peak
In the greys and dark blue
A soul he soon seeks
A trident, leviathan
From the stories of old
A glimmer of reason
In the violence and cold

A voice from an elder
Harks through crashing waves
He pays it no heed
Not wishing to be saved
For the elements
Are savage, hypnotic
A bustling embrace
His mind starts to wander
beyond time and through Space
The inside comes out
The self disappears
As he feels the source
Of the Great ocean’s tears

Knot (First Draft)

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When your confidence
Feels broken
Almost as broken as your heart
You try to escape
Dig a hole
Embrace the shadows
Chain down
The urge
To purge
The past
The present
And all you ever cared about

Be fearless or cease to be

When you’re full of doubt
Feeling lost
Almost as lost
As your soul
You try to reshape
Find a goal
Beyond the gallows
Stringing up
The lows
Of a life
You never really cared about

No Man’s Land (First Draft)

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The cycle of your psychosis
Still haunts me to this day
A smiling lie on a twisted cunt
Who always got her way

You’re well gone now
But the damage still remains
As the strain of your memory
Never goes away

I’ll have my day

That’s what I used to say

Hoping that karma
Would lift up the betrayed

But the heart strings
Were snipped in their prime

A ragged cut
That would not heal with time

Oh how I wish to forget you

The Divide – Animation Test

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GIF Test 10

Bigger than intended.

Never Let Me Go – Draft 1

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Forged in the fires of Hell

This love has an edge

Dueling feelings

Defying logic

Grounded by a network of thoughts

These hearts are tethered by a force beyond comprehension

That willing kneel before the master of slaves.