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Sun Down

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The Reflection Of A Son

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A presence fills my lonely nights

And stays with me ’til dawn

As the moon reflects its distant light

And whispers

Hold on

Hold on

And so I see her face once more

A shimmer in these shadows

A key to hearts

Of lost delights



Upon the gallows


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All played out

Burning up

The last of this energy

Still, with reserve

Desperately trying to hold

A minimum of dignity

Before the last of our emotions

Turn to dust


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A blazing sun
One of many
Just close enough
To give life
To a little rock
Ever giving
To a strange breed
Yet killing
The foundations
Of its existence


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The season came to pass
As was expected
The blade laid to rest
So the grass could grow anew
And the few who knew the spirit
Kept it in their hearts
Pumping every memory
With loyalty and truth

From A Murder And The Pack (Day)

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The Raven Test 1

When his heart faltered she took flight in search of his spirit…