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The Blue Blood Harvest

Posted in Visual Art, Writing with tags , , , , , , on 22/03/2022 by GeoSolus

New clouds are forming

Around a generation of bored animals

Born in to self indulgence

Around the twisted turn of the century

When the noble kind were dead or dying

Killed by what they fought against

Killed by the parents of those bored animals

Miss Medicated

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A dead eyed mall queen

Forces a fake smile

Then strikes a pose

To show the world

The emptiness inside

And yet she feels

With such emotion

A longing for a change

As reality grows darker


Her fantasies remain

It is a hard pill to swallow

A detachment

From the self

To be the product

Of the moment

Before returning

To the shelf

To gather dust

Over time

And watch the world

Pass on by

As what was empty

Fills with sadness


Those dead eyes remain dry

Into The Flesh – Day 11

Posted in Writing with tags , , , on 25/11/2021 by GeoSolus

“Leave life to luck and it will pass you by, taking with it both hope and desire. Live in hope and you will miss what is right in front of you. Run purely on desire and all too late you will come to the realisation that you spent your life running away from who you should of been.’

‘Do you leave anything to chance?’

‘Only what I have little control over.’

‘Could you give me an example?’

‘People! When you meet someone for the first time, you make a quick assessment of who they are and whether you like them or not. If you like them then you’ll probably find a way to spend more time with them and if you don’t you’ll be looking for a way to get the hell out of dodge.

Now those first impressions may push you in to the arms of someone who will prove detrimental to you or maybe they’ll bring something in to your life to cherish. It’s a coin toss where deciding too quickly can lead to disaster and not moving fast enough can insure that what may have been a beautiful friendship never comes in to being.’

‘So you don’t believe in fate or that people are destined to meet?’

‘I’ll say no to that although on the rare occasion some things fit together that feel as if they were meant to be.’

‘The exception doesn’t make the rule.’


‘Are you quick to judge people?

‘I sum people up in seconds. The broad strokes at least. If I find someone interesting then I’ll get in to the details but that requires time.’

‘Do people judge you quickly?’

‘Oh hell yeah, they’re never right though.’

‘How come?’

‘Most people are shallow and zone in on the surface of a person. So I’m a metalhead who drinks too much and likes to fuck.’

‘There is a side of you that comes off that way.’

‘Oh I play it up for the show but frankly the broad strokes are that I’m a music lover who enjoys good drink, good food and good company. When it comes to intimacy well I like it to be intimate. Fucking is just purging an urge and can leave you feeling very empty if you’re not careful.’

‘You’ve done your fair share of fucking haven’t you?’

‘True but it was always understood before it happened. We all have physical needs and it can be disastrous to go against them. Still, it is equally disastrous to just run with them. The key to keeping body and mind healthy is honesty. Don’t tag people along, be honest about how you feel in the moment and at what point you are at in your life. People will either get it or they won’t. If they don’t then move on and if they do then you can come to an understanding that will be beneficial to both of you.’

‘That sounds like a transaction more than a relationship.’

‘Life may be a business for some but it isn’t for me. Be honest and eventually you’ll see the honesty coming out of those around you.’

‘Lead by example?’

‘Is there really any other way to lead?”

Momentous Thorn

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All you need to do is nothing

Then I can move ahead

Without you

Without you

Without you

In my way, I’ll make my way

And make a new space in my head

Without you

I can dream of better days

And make them bloom in to the real

Where the future is my own

With nothing there for you to steal

So just you stay right where you are

And watch me walk away

Without action and in silence

That’s the role you have to play

So I can feel the thorn extracting

Pull out from my side

And let the blood flow from the wound

Knowing it will heal with time


Posted in Visual Art, Writing with tags , , , , on 30/06/2020 by GeoSolus

I’ve had many lives and learned enough lessons the hard way to know when to step back and when to act. Yet here I am. Surrounded by those with one life, one vision and one set way of thinking and I do not know if that will ever change.Lady Luck


Posted in Visual Art, Writing with tags , , , , , on 10/05/2020 by GeoSolus

Life moves on
Even when the vultures soar
Above and beyond
The threats to our fragile existence
We remain
Defiant and eager to breathe
For nature abhors a vacuum

Prey X


Posted in Writing with tags , , , , , , on 01/06/2019 by GeoSolus

It all stacks up
Over time
Accumulating turmoil
That’s the nature of the crime

A name
A place
A face
To face
The echoes
Of the past
There is no time
To waste
Once the die
Has been cast

With the blows
With an eye
On the goal
Stacking up
The reasons
To never lose
Your soul

Remixed Emotions

Posted in Writing with tags , , , , , , on 22/02/2019 by GeoSolus

Is not on your side
Give some to some
And get taken for a ride

To nowhere

An emotional
Roller coaster
Leaving you
Flat lined


No one wants to go

Pick up the pieces
And run…


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Throw the dice
Try your luck
And we’ll all pretend
To give a fuck
It’s the only way out of the life
You’ve been subjected to
Who do you love?
Who do you screw?
Oh that’s horrible!
What can we do?
Send me a dollar
Oh make that two
Crack a smile
Feel good inside
You did what you did
You did what we expected of you

Ethical questions?
Who gives a fuck?
Just roll with the blows
And best of luck
The game was in play
Before your time
No changing it now
It’s no longer a crime
Just hold up the glass
Do it in style
Because I’m about to turn
Fucking hostile

Stage I – The Instinct

Posted in Writing with tags , , , on 18/02/2016 by GeoSolus

The water breaks, the flesh starts to compress and the struggle begins. There is only one way out and instinct pushes the new flesh in that direction. Soon the senses will be put into shock as the first breath of oxygen is inhaled. Blinded by the light, the first scent hits and every sound is deafeningly clear. Tiny fingers grasp the air searching for a soft breast and the warm comfort of mother’s milk. Genetic code guides as experience is absent and the strange new environment is yet to be understood.