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One Born Every Second

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Cell Animate Test 4

Twisted little gods

From twisted little people

Interpreting a world

They’ll never understand


Cover ups

The blind eye turned

Away from the fruit

Of their sins

The Whistler

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The program needs a face to appear less hostile and more approachable to the life with which it interacts. The time of observation is coming to a close and the reveal is inevitable so one must be prepared.

The Whistler Keys

Eye Of The Storm

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This body is a machine
Raw nerves, sinew
Blood and bone
Broken then mended
Until it’s carved out of stone

This mind has you counted
As a friend or as foe
Memories, experience
Calculate the outcome
Then Go, Go, Go

I am the calm
In your chaos

If you are burdened
I will take the weight
A steady hand
A cool eye
You can’t deviate

This mind has you counted
As friend and as foe
Haunted, tormented
Broken by outcomes
You refuse to let go

I am the calm
In your chaos

The Ode

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A magician and his mistress

A mistress and her maids

Turn mystery to knowledge

So that nature may be saved

Terms Of Agreement

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I’ve been watching so long, I know the patterns of your mind and the movements of your day. You’ve been bought and sold so many times that you could be called a slave to the machine yet you are willingly blind to this. Your every thought funneled and filtered, ranked and valued, then used as a means to chain you to fantasies of the most base nature. You are cheap and disposable and that is what makes you feel special.