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A different kind of music for a new kind of magic.
An air of mystery wrapped in such familiarity.
A feeling woven in to the unknown.
A story written by lucid dreams becoming real over time.
It is these mental projections that keep you ahead of the curve.

Invocation – WIP

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Invocation WIP 1

Some more animation in the works.

Leap Of Faith

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Upon this altar
I lay at peace
Warm and soft
I dream
I fall
A hand strokes my brow
Calling me back
To arms

My eyes pop
It’s okay
She says
Her hand on my heart
Her voice in my head
I can rest
I can dream
I can fall

Without fear
I dive deep
For she is my anchor
And I am her keep
I can drift
Without loss
The darkest seas

The void
Reaches out
Reaches in
Cleansing the soul
Absolving the sins
I know
My war
Has come to an end

The Second Ritual

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Love. It sells songs, seeps in to nearly every movie and book but is a reality that most will never truly experience in their lifetimes. That is why it is such a popular notion. The human always wants to feel special, wanted, empowered and to possess what others do not. Love is a nice term to use to sugar coat our egotistical motivations and parade around while on a high pretending to care. It is a term that if defined by the populous can be replicated with drugs. Just drop some acid and hug a stranger. That’s the love of songs, movies, fiction and the one we will all experience at one point of another in our lifetimes.
It’s a love that manipulates and hurts and is about as good for you as manic depression. All highs and lows until you hit a wall and have to pick yourself up feeling bitter and damaged but don’t lose hope. True love is out there. It is an evasive entity that may come and find you when you least expect it. It may not, as I mentioned earlier, it is a rarity. Out of the thousands of people I have crossed paths with I have enough fingers to count the ones who were touched by true love. A beautiful sight that communicates without action or word. A silent complicity united by unseen forces that holds you in rapture when witnessed.

The Second Ritual is about love. From destructive gods to redeeming angels. Killers, saints and a search for self in a world that sings the song and follows the book yet knows nothing about love.
It is based upon a personal experience that nearly put me on time out over a decade ago mixed in with characters I’ve been writing about ever since. Enjoy the trip and I’ll see you on the other side.

Midnight Gospel

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Redemption Double 13 BW Cut

 A voodoo dream in an ocean of thought
Between a wave and a sweet embrace
A face
In the distance
Best pressed to the heart
As the nightmares soon end
When the dream makes its start

The Second Ritual

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The Second Ritual takes place within the mind of Dax Kando and shall be presented as a sort of short graphic novel. It is a manipulation within a drug infused dreamscape that crosses between a memory, a Gothic fairy tale and a silent order.

It shall be presented online as a multi paged website with a blog attached with notes and sketches about the creation process and origins of the symbols and characters.

At this point in time the main structure of the website is online, fifty percent of the text has been written and the images have been prepped and put in order. I shall be working on this piece over the coming week and will be ready to publish early in November.

Blossom (Animation Test 1)

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Ani Test 6

From a murder and the pack, the raven and the wolf make their way.

Would You?

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The Second Flame
She ventured deep in to the dark wood hunting for the hunter. The moon was high, the shadows silent but she could feel him approach with caution and hunger. He was watching from the dark, a glint in his eyes and curiosity on his mind. She appeared quite fearless so he let out a howl then fixed his stare upon her once more. She had turned to stare in to the void. The veil of night could not hide him any longer and they both wondered: Is this the moment of union or of sacrifice?

The Exchange

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Reach in to the mind
A hunt for a former self
Eyes of steel cut
Dance a deadly dance
Upon the shores of sanity
One plus one will bring justice
In this moment of gravity
A breath short of a kiss
Recognition in those eyes
The time is near

The neurons spark
She rides the storm
Pushing aside
Unwanted past
Undeserved scorn
To find her prey asleep

A child
With heaving chest
Nightmares all around
Resting, restless
Cold sweat
Gleaming like a veil
His eyes open
His mind wonders
Am I what you seek?

She smiles
Acknowledging her prize
Reaching out her hand
Tears fill up his eyes
Curling up and weeping
He let’s go
And breathes his final sigh


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A dream
Maybe more of a premonition
A slow dance of hands
Maybe symbolic
In some distant land

Fingers painting the air
Like pigment to paper
A message
Maybe four words
I have yet to understand

Presented before me
Some mistress of mystery
She makes me disappear
With one stroke of her hand