Needs must

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Just follow your dreams
Let life pass you by
The illusion feels better
Shit, we’re all going to die

So build a world
Inside your head

My pain is elsewhere
and you don’t fucking care
and I understand
Because I think you’re worthless to
and that is the only feeling
We have to share

But you give me the urge
To annihilate your dreams
Force you in to the real
To feel the unraveling
To show you the scene
For all of your wants
For all that you are after

No matter how hard you try
The devil drives faster

22 Secrets

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22 Secrets

One day, the truth has to come out

O.G. Part 2

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Hoarding and whoring

Are the tools of your trade

Spitting on all

From the Art to the maid

Speaking of justice

And why it should be delayed

With airs of grace

Condescending in spades

A leach on life

A bleeder of hope

As money makes money

Like an addict makes dope

And you fuck the world

While telling people to cope

By selling them a fantasy

With just the right length of rope.

Organ Grinder

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Living it up

As an advert and brand

Defining your life

By the card in your hand

Eager for love

On supply and demand

Yes, you are your own commodity

We all understand

That a corporate sponsor

Is a spiritual need

As you have taxes to dodge

And an ego to feed

It’s the way of your world

The power of your belief

That you deserve it all

For being such a good thief…

The Corporation

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The Iris operating system (O.S.IRIS) is made by a software giant that merged with a medical research facility following the discovery of test notes written by an unnamed individual that explain how to program human genes with nanotechnology.


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Version 3

Sleeping With Strangers

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I know the game you play
Your thoughts, your actions…
Every word you’re going to say

This game has such appeal
As we never have to feel
We find our pleasures through the flesh
And that will always be the deal…


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