RAOF Stage 1

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Top image of a five section piece called: The Devil’s Sequence


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You can touch a machine and access a whole new world but the longer you spend in this world, the more detached you will become from the physical.

Over time it is you who will be the one being accessed and integrated in to an ever expanding program.

Your personality will change to fit the format. Your ideas will be given to you from the Network and your sense of self will pivot upon your online status.

Judgement and Justice will depend on popularity within the stream.

Lovers will make and break their promises through binary code while masturbating to each other’s pixelated image.

Children will follow the dogmas of the great white advertising space that powers the machine and all will be unity.


So please hit: ENTER


Your Chariot awaits.

COS Step 2

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Organised religion is a tool for the spiritually corrupt.


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ZJ Basic Template


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A dog got hit by a train a few days back and thousands have turned out for its funeral. A man got hit by a train some time before that and not many gave a shit. While all of this has been happening old folk are going through the city’s bins to survive. Many working people are still living in cages or coffin rooms. They are underfed, overworked and underpaid but a stray dog died, it’s tragic and we must pay our respects. 

Lock,stock and barrel

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LSB Primary Sketch


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